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Magda makes already takes RTL again deep in the comedy profession crate and moved to teachers, cashiers, kiosk owners and medical assistants now Altenpflegerin out. In the 10 episodes comprehensive RTL sitcom Polish nurse Magda Wozniak rebounds on the somewhat overburdened family Holtkamp. Where and when did Magda does it matter in the live stream and TV can see, you experience the following guide.

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The first season of Magda does it matter started on 05th January 2017. The series is always running Thursdays in Double Feature from 21:15. If you should have once missed an episode, you can make up for this course at TV NOW. TV NOW Plus members can view the two sequences of the day even in the RTL library before they are broadcast on television.

Magda do that already reflected very well with the young target group of 14 to 49 year olds. Thus, the series could capture in the first two weeks each about 1.6 million viewers to their television, or about 16 percent of said target group as Meedia reported. RTL has thus laced quite a successful package for the Thursday evening: The fifth season of the teacher and a total of 1.91 million viewers RTL won the young audience so far for itself.

Now the last two episodes of the first season are pending. Magda does it matter Season 1 ends with the double episode on 02 February 2017. Who needs to catch up on episodes of Magda from the past few weeks can do so currently free (without Plus membership) on the serial side of TV NOW. . The time slot of Magda does not remain idle next week, because RTL launches straight into the next new sitcom Triple Ex All information on patchwork comedy be found in the following article: Triple Ex &# 8211; New RTL sitcom 09 February in the live stream & TV.

For RTL live stream via Magine*

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Magda has been doing this in the live stream

Who wants to see the results live, but at the time is not at home or the TV from other family members is blocked, the RTL comedy series can also watch via live stream. We have various options RTL live stream to see here summarized for you:

  • RTL live stream is included in the basic package of Magine * for 4.99 euros a month.
  • The TV magazine TV Movie offers its own TV streaming service. RTL is in addition to 70 other stations in the premium package for EUR 9.99 a month here.
  • The official live stream from the RTL channels you can use for EUR 2.99 per month with the fee-based TV-NOW-PLUS subscription.
  • Also, Zattoo offers a RTL live stream on the Basic package for EUR 9.99 per month.

The various TV apps that you can see live on your smartphone and tablet, the German television station, we have compiled the following article for you: TV apps for Android &# 8211; with tablet & TV looking smartphone.

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Episode Guide

The new comedy series run from the 05 January 2017 every Thursday in double episodes on RTL. We have you in the following list the broadcast dates of the 10 episodes of the first season Magda does it matter collected in the following table:

Flgtitledatetime of day
1flying start05th January 201721:15
2change of scenery05th January 201721:45
3NachtgestaltenJan. 12, 201721:15
4protection moneyJan. 12, 201721:45
5Granny BattleJanuary 19, 201721:15
6SpoilsportJanuary 19, 201721:45
7hard cutJanuary 26, 201721:15
8thJugendsündenJanuary 26, 201721:45
9Second opinion02. February 201721:15
10Save me who can02. February 201721:45

Source: RTL

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