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In video games, it is actually the same as in all other things also: The newer the better. Who wants to walk around even with a Samsung Galaxy S 2, if only just the third version was published?

Why new browser games are better

And so you quickly to the conclusion that new browser games are most attractive. In fact, there are quite a few advantages to one of the first players: Many browser games are designed for multiplayer. then one begins after a year to play a game and does not know from enough, you can be quickly defeated by his fellow players. If one is against it from the very beginning here, you almost automatically belongs to the elite of the respective game.

New browser games have drawbacks&# 8230;

This argument however, you can turn around, of course. For existing for a long time browser games can build firmly on finding many players. New browser Games however, have the problem of having to prove themselves and could thus occasionally suffer from a certain player doldrums.

two new browser games offers you by the German publisher and developer dtp. Whether this but also go beyond its beta phase is still in the stars, because dtp had in April to file for bankruptcy. The far though is the attitude of the two games, but does not make their continuation just absolutely secure.

New Browser Games Part 1: Mech Tactics

The first new browser game called "Mech Tactics" and is an attempt to enter the field of hardcore games. This is an area that offers quite Potential: Many browser games are now focused on as many people - children, mother, grandma and grandpa - simultaneously to please. Therefore, they are often just very childlike and foremost.

New Browser Games have the potential to tap into this market gap, which "Mech Tactics" then tried promptly. You control your own Mech through different arenas and fight your fellow players. Your robot you equip the same time constantly on, gather experience and gives him new items. In the story of "Mech Tactics", people fight in the Mechs out of sheer entertainment. The governments of the earth want abhaben some of the profitable cake and allow the fighting so soon officially.

New Browser Games

New Browser Games Part 2: Mission Genesis

That it is still futuristic, dtp proves while with "Mission Genesis", which also is currently in the beta phase. There you join initially one of three factions:

  • In Antares syndicate is an alliance who want to make profits without scruples of many former major corporations,
  • The oracle Brotherhood on the other hand want to anchor their faith in all walks of life. They do not believe in a spiritual God, but because the technology itself is divine.
  • The Galactic Dominion, however, is only to battles and want to prove their military strength

"Mech Tactics" and "Mission Genesis" are just two new browser games, there appear weekly new. With us you get all information about browser games. We have already shown you also why Browser Games what our browser games Top 10 are free and.

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