Bandcamp: listen to music online for free, stream, download and buy

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In Bandcamp you find an online platform through which you can listen to free songs online by their thousands. Here especially unknown musicians and bands are represented who wish to present their material in this way. If you like what you hear, can you buy songs and albums directly online and download via Bandcamp.

Bandcamp: listen to music online for free, stream, download and buy

The downloaded via Bandcamp songs usually come in MP3 format on the hard drive. After downloading the songs have to be unpacked, z. As with WinRAR. Many bands offer an appetizer songs about Bandcamp download section.

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Bandcamp music platform for independent artists

The portal Bandcamp as a platform for independent artists there since 2007. The idea came from Ethan Diamond, who had desperately trying in advance to download an album of an independent band from the network. Popular Band Camp was mainly by Amanda Palmer, Low Places and Sufjan Stevens *Bandcamp: listen to music online for free, stream, download and buy, use the Bandcamp for the sale of your own albums.

Artists can determine for themselves how they can bring their music to the man at Bandcamp. So z. B. the restriction possible that songs are only available via streaming. Also a free download from Bandcamp music is partly possible.

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For Bandcamp their own apps for Android and iPhone are available for download. The download of the Bandcamp app is free. Here you have access to your Bandcamp purchased content on the go. In addition, you can browse through the Bandcamp offer and discover more music. For the use of Bandcamp app a fan account is necessary on the website directly you can stream music without registration.

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Bandcamp: Music download in MP3 format

band camp logoHave you bought a song about Bandcamp as download and you can not play this, trying the song, or download the album in the MP3-320 variant. Alternatively, you are more music file formats available, including FLAC, AAC, or Ogg Vorbis.

On the web can be found at various points Bandcamp Downloader that you leave the MP3 stream pull onto the hard disk free. Of these, however, one should stay away. Usually the artists earn only a few cents per sold song, so you should support his favorites if you like. Often these are Bandcamp Downloader also camouflaged programs that only use the term, but actually harboring a virus or Trojan.

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