Friday the 13th .: Single player mode is, game should be successful

The horror game Friday the 13th: The Game is currently scheduled as a pure multiplayer experience. But one of the makers said now that a single player could be developed if the game is successful enough. All details about this information you read in the news.

Friday the 13th .: Single player mode is, game should be successful

More than 25 years after the NES game makes us the horror icon Jason Vorhees soon finally fear. Friday the 13: The Game will be released in the fall. Unfortunately, you may at first before Jason flee (or slip into his role) only in multiplayer mode. But even for those of us who prefer to play alone, there is still hope.

Wes Keltner, one of the creators of the game, told Polygon that a single player still out of the question - even though nearly 1 million dollars was taken less in the Kickstarter campaign for the game than for the additional target " single-player Survival challenge mode were needed ". "No question, we want to come back to the singleplayer mode, if the game is successful." Says Keltner. "We take the moment of pre-orders. Every single dollar flows back into play, so that we something to him can add. "

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In the Kickstarter campaign it was said that the studio Gun Media wanted with the singleplayer mode "bring Jason in a way to live, as everyone wanted to do (but so far no one was able to convert)." Even in singleplayer ye both as Jason as also one can play his (potential) victims. Keltner compares his idea with the Hitman games, "If you sit there long enough, you can watch where everyone moved towards and what you must do. This makes still fun. Without question, this is fun. In this direction the singleplayer mode should go in our game. "

The decision to first develop the multiplayer mode, have made the team for one simple reason: because the development costs were lower than for the singleplayer. However, the focus on bringing multiplayer gameplay also benefits: "We wanted to create not a linear experience. I find it interesting to think about the human element. One can not predict how a real person will behave. "


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