The Sandboxie Download leads programs isolated from the operating system in a so-called sandbox, thereby preventing damage that this can cause on your computer or leave marks on it.

This achieves the Sandboxie download because the write access tool that actually apply the hard drive, redirecting in a specially created folder. This allows programs to be run with the Sandboxie download, make any changes to the system.

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Sandboxie Download: For which purpose, the tool is particularly well suited

Sandboxie suitable example for the operation of a web browser. Leads her this within the sandbox, you are protected day threats from malicious software, viruses, ransomware and Zero who are trying through the browser to get access to your system.

Also for E-mail programs Sandboxie is well suited here you can with the sandbox software avert the danger of attachments with malicious content and phishing.


In addition, good programs can be tried, without taking a risk with Sandboxie. Removed her as tested programs again, no traces remain, as is often the case with a conventional uninstall.

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Also suitable is Sandboxie for the purpose of executing already installed on your computer programs to test how the application have changed their configuration behaves.

Sandboxie, however, is not suitable for testing programs that engage deeply into the system, as is the case with anti-virus Programs of.

  • Sleek and simple test environment
  • No


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