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Starbound Mods: Creative Mode

starbound mods creative fashionIt is not surprising that a Sandboxspiel as Starbound makes use Minecraft on great pioneers of indie games. It is actually the creative mode that was missing in Starbound and has now been replenished thanks to modders aMannus as Mod.

You have planned a bigger project and easy to collect not have the time and leisure to all resources and blocks themselves? With the Mod Creative Fashion you have everything at hand, what you need for your projects.

But also for other purposes, the mod can be used. If one of your characters dies, for example, at a certain point in the game or has it a defective memory state, you can use Creative Mode at least bring your equipment up to date by their easy spawns the items.

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Starbound Mods: Extended Character Creation

Since Starbound has a more extensive character generator as its indie colleagues, of course, is also very popular the topic modding in the species. Thus gemoddete species can easily choose at character creation and customize.

With the Simple Extended Character Creation-Mod for Starbound but rather the modders themselves be addressed. For author Xander Kau from the prefabricated species simply selecting and making room for more self-created races.

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