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PTBSync is a collection of practical Windows gadgets for the desktop. Included is one, weather display an atomic clock synchronization, a schedule desktop notes and a to-do list. In addition, the multi-function tool also displays upcoming holidays and information on the PC. The PC clock, the program to 1/50 of a second.

PTBSync starts after installing full-featured. If you double click on the date in Windows, however, is the message that administrator rights are necessary. Confirms whether PTBSync should be started with administrator privileges with Yes. This query does not appear after that.

PTBSync comes with configurable desktop gadgets.PTBSync comes with configurable desktop gadgets.

PTBSync: combines all the important information on the desktop

After starting PTBSync directed first several templates on the desktop model: An analog clock, a weather display, a to-do list of desktop notes, a moon and normal calendar - including holiday calculation - and computer information. This includes even an Islamic and Jewish calendar and a one menstrual calendar on the right side desktop. A list of features can be found on the website of the developer.

The elements can be moved around by holding the left mouse button. To configure a template, click the right mouse button. Who does not have all the templates, it can also hide when necessary:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on a template.
  2. The configuration for each template appears. However, all templates are template across all displayed at the top right that are currently active.
  3. Removes the respective check mark in front of the template that you want to not show.
  4. Click Close.

By the way the tool works in principle with the current beta version of Windows 10. This is handy for some probably because 10 missing the mini applications for the desktop in Windows.

Atomic clock synchronization with PTBSync

Here you synchronize the Windows clock to an atomic clock.Here you synchronize the Windows clock to an atomic clock.

PTBSync synchronize your PC clock on request at 1/50 sec exactly different time servers. To set the clock manually, you make the following:

  1. Makes double-clicking the Windows clock in the lower right of the taskbar.
  2. Click in the new window on the button below points now.
  3. The current deviation of the clock is displayed. Answers the question in the affirmative.

Note: The clock, however, is also regularly automatically in the background.


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