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After downloading Mozilla Firefox, you can set the browser to suit your requirements and change personal settings. How to Find the Firefox settings and what special features to offer there, we introduce here.

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The Firefox settings can be accessed via the Firefox menu by selecting "Settings". When menu bar in Firefox you have to "Tools-Options" to access the browser configuration.

Firefox settings

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The categories of Firefox settings

1. General settings in Firefox

The settings in Firefox can be made in eight categories. In the category "General", the setting most used features of Firefox find. Insert here for. B. Determine whether the set home page, a blank page or all pages of the last session in Firefox displays when you start Firefox. In addition, the URL of the Firefox start page is assigned here. The second aspect of the general Firefox settings deals with the handling of downloads in the browser. Here you can specify which folder the downloads are stored on Firefox or whether each of the destination folder must be specified for each download. They also come here to the administration of the Firefox add-ons.

Firefox settings

2. Settings tabs in Firefox

The second category of Firefox settings deals with the handling of the Firefox tabbed browsing. Here can be set whether Firefox will display an alert when a window is closed with multiple tabs to prevent accidental closing all tabs. In addition, you can enter here whether Firefox will warn at once when you open too many tabs to prevent from any Verlangsam the system

Some links on Web pages are designed so that after activating a new browser window. In the settings you can specify that instead of a new window in a new tab already active Firefox window opens. Put still in the "tab" whether links should be opened after selection with the middle mouse button or Ctrl + left mouse button in the background or directly on top of the active browser window.

3. Content Settings

In the "content" you can determine first, whether pop-up window is blocked when browsing, graphics display and JavaScript content to be activated. In addition, an exception handling can be set here for three options for each web page. In addition, you can specify the text on Web pages in Firefox to your liking, for example. As which font and font color should be chosen for texts on web pages.

4. applications

In the application settings there are guidelines as to how Firefox should handle certain file types on web pages. So you can, here. define as whether PDF documents by selecting the browser opens with an appropriate reader or to be stored on your hard drive.

5. Settings for data protection in Firefox

The "Privacy" section includes settings, such as Firefox with cookies, as well as to deal Chronicle Firefox, or whether it should be created. You can also define additional custom requirements for the application of the Chronicle.

6. Security Settings

In the "Security" tab, you can set options for a safe stay on the Internet with Firefox. Firefox can indicate when add-ons to be installed on one side automatically and warn of a visit as threatening marked and phishing sites. Also you can manage your passwords for all online offers.

7. Firefox Sync Settings

The "Sync" is relevant for users who use Firefox on multiple computers or their mobile phone. The "Sync" - settings in Firefox to passwords, bookmarks, tabs and Firefox chronicle with all Firefox synchronize installations.

8. Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings to find more minor Firefox configurations, such as the handling of Firefox updates, the Firefox spell checker, accessibility and determining whether Firefox will be the default browser.

Resetting the Firefox settings

one loses track of the done configuring Firefox or is the function of the browser severely limited by setting so these can be reset with a few clicks of the mouse back to the initial state. Select this, first from the Firefox menu "Help" and start Firefox with Add-ons Disabled new. After restarting the browser, you can now reset Firefox to the initial configuration. Note here that possibly saved bookmarks, your Firefox history and other personal data may be lost.

Firefox Reset settings


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