Buy periodontal cream from “The Cave Lion” miracle cure for periodontitis

In the Vox show "The Cave of the Lion" is today with periodontal cream presented a good remedy for gingivitis. What is this is how much money is required and how high the chances of an investment are, we'll tell you now.

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Periodontal cream in "The Cave Lion": What is it?

Updated on 09.19.2017, 22:50: Periodontal cream could inspire all lions. The deal was completed but with Ralf Dümmel and Carsten Maschmeyer. The price and the shares has not been rotated. For 100,000 euros 30 per cent must be submitted. Here you can buy cream her Parodont:

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Original Article from 09.19.2017:

The periodontal cream to combat the widespread disease gingivitis and the associated consequences. Dr. Med. Dent. Ismail Özkanli and Hüsnü Özkanli have developed the product to fight inflammation not only, but also bleeding gums. In addition, the gums with this cream to re-attach to the tooth and thus prevent further inflammation. Of periodontal disease almost everyone suffers. Egyptian black cumin oil is an insider tip for this suffering and just process the dentists in their product.

Anyone who has problems with his gums and wants to fix it, but do not wait for the show, but the periodontal cream can already buy on Amazon now:

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Periodontal cream in "The Cave Lion": money, interests and opportunities

VOX - & quot; The Cave Lion & quot; IV AZ 1Frank Thelen seems to be interested in periodontal cream (MG RTL D / Frank Hempel)

To make known worldwide periodontal cream, the duo needed 100,000 euros from the lions. For this, a corporate share of 30 percent is to be delivered. Frank Thelen seems to be very interested. He can explain the product in detail. but whether there is a deal between one or more lions, we learned today evening. Chances are actually not bad, if the agent does what it promises. The third episode of "The Cave Lion" now runs evening at 20:15 on Vox. What do you say to periodontal cream?


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