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To understand the importance of American slang expression Dude, can theoretically just look in a dictionary. But similar &Age; # 8220&# 8221; Has &# 8220; dude&# 8221; plenty of additional statements. Here are some explanations and examples.

Dude: meaning and examples

Given the importance of Dude, it always depends on the situation. as with us, the term has different meanings age similar, depending on how you pronounce it. For movie fans Dude co-star in the film &# 8220; The Big Lebowski&# 8221 ;. A cool, dauerkiffender Althippy, played by Jeff Bridges.

106The Big Lebowski - Trailer English

Dude: The Importance

In fact, can you Dude in its meaning as our &Age; # 8220&# 8221; or &Type; # 8220&# 8221; equate. In conversations Dude will then be used as one would use guy or type. &# 8220; I met this dude in this bar ...&# 8221; with it you can &# 8220; I have this guy, this guy met in the bar&# 8221; translate.

In direct speech Dude has the meaning of &Age; # 8220&# 8221 ;. &# 8220; Calm down, dude&# 8221; means about &# 8220; Calm you sometime, age / man&# 8221 ;.

Similar to the above-mentioned film, the term Dude is therefore to be regarded as an attempt to express themselves cool and relaxed. Is like us &Age; # 8220&# 8221 ;, it? 😉

dude-significant-bowlingThe Dude bowling

But since there are a lot of context, Dude has other meanings. The word is also used pejoratively. Instead of normal to speak of a man, especially American eggs each call townspeople like Dude. Here the word so it has the fully packed importance of a man who does not belong, and lives in a city. This undesirable Dude falls through his clothes, his behavior and his otherness.

By the way, is the plural of Dude Dudes and there is even a (rarely used) female form: Dudette

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Dude: use in the culture

The meaning of the term Dude lit the aforementioned film &# 8220; The Big Lebowski *Dude: meaning and examples&# 8221; most frequently. All the time the Dude explains it all sorts of people that he wants to be called that - or Duderino.


Dude but was also used as a name. Dean Martin was so in Western Rio Bravo. And also in the cult novel Tobacco Road there was a dude. An award-winning album producer Quincy Jones called himself The Dude *Dude: meaning and examples. So also was the first album by the rapper Devin the Dude. And not really known French rock band also called that.

How important Dude has this name will not be properly explained. But probably it should always refer to the importance, after a Dude slightly different, striking and can not be put right in a drawer.

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