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In the jungle of the different display resolutions qHD appears alongside terms such as 4K or Full HD. We clarify what qHD means and how good or bad the resolution stands next to the other.

qHD has a resolution other than QHD and both are based on full HD. Read here, in what context are the common display resolutions. We also have a screen-ABC, in which the various abbreviations are explained to you.

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What does QHD?

qHD is sometimes confused with QHD. The important distinction is whether the first letter Q small or was capitalized. Can someone explain the concept, it translates the Q usually with quad and speaks of Quad-HD. Quad stands for four and meant is a standard that has four times as many pixels as the HD resolution - but only when the Q was really capitalized.

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written with small Q it means namely means "quarter of Full HD". And that is only a quarter of HD resolution.

In figures, this means that qHD resolution of 960 times 540 pixels equivalent, while there is a resolution of 2560 by 1440 points at QHD.

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Display resolutions compared: QHD, HD, Full HD, 4K ...

Some of the widely used display resolutions are based in naming the HD standard. This is true, you have seen, even on QHD and QHD to. Here is a tabular overview of the more popular resolutions and a statement of their pixels:


Resolution in pixels

nHD640 x 360
qHD960 × 540
HD1280 × 720
Full HD (FHD)1920 × 1080
Full-HD + (FHD +)2160 × 1440
QHD2560 × 1440
4K UHD (Ultra HD)3840 × 2160

Technically qHD is therefore one of the worse display resolutions. QHD, however, is as it were "four times as good." The question is therefore - similar to eBay ads, important that you read the terms specified correctly.

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