Harry Potter GO: The long-awaited game is finally a reality

What was only a dream last year, is finally a reality: Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO probably working on a Harry Potter AR game, which is yet to be released next year.

Updated on 11/09/2017: Meanwhile Niantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite officially announced on his blog. There, the developer also reveals more accurate to what is waiting for you in the game: "The players will learn Zäubersprüche, explore their neighborhood and cities in the real world to discover legendary beasts and fight against them and join forces with other players to to defeat powerful enemies. "

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Originialmeldung of 11/08/2017:

Perhaps the new Harry Potter game gets next year also such a cool Halloween event?

2744Pokémon GO - Halloween Event - Trailer

As TechCrunch reported that Harry Potter should Wizards Unite hot and arises in working together with you with Warner Bros. Interactive and Portkey games. The release should be already 2018th

So far, not much more is known except that the gameplay will be similar to that of Pokémon GO predecessor Ingress - that is to say concretely: Exploring the real world, collect power-ups, defend territories.

To set the mood, you can read up here in the most famous quotes from Harry Potter:

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Already 2,016 fans have started a petition in which they have a Harry Potter version of Pokémon GO desired. Now this wish will probably finally come true! And maybe the not yet convinced of Pokémon GO players can this time into the world of JK Rowling. We remain excited&# 8230;

And what do you think of this news? Is it for you may be one reason again plunge into Niantics AR-universe?


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