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With the introduction of the Chronicle to Facebook has not only made friends. Meanwhile, however, all users should get used to the new own Wall in the social network (or leave Facebook have ...). If has accumulated on your profile too much manure or want to put her a completely new start on Facebook, you can complete Facebook Clear Chronicle and clean from all content.

Facebook: Clear Chronicle and clean content

Of course you can take a day off and manually remove all the individual content manually from your Facebook chronicle. For this, you need only call in a logged state your Chronicle. Now you can each chronicle entry Select and delete manually by their triggers the entry with the mouse and the arrow dials down over the post. In the menu that appears, you can delete the entry.

facebook-chronicle-entry-DeleteAbout the Arrow her individual entries can on your Facebook Chronicle Clear

Facebook Chronicle: delete all entries

but this project is very ineffective and especially time-consuming. It is faster with Firefox addon iMacros. This can load it for free in your browser. With iMacros for Firefox you can create in the macro browser that can adjust itself automatically repetitive operations in the browser. After the launch of Firefox you open the IMACRO plugin. now controls your Facebook wall. Starts recording the macro by clicking on "Rec" and "Record" at the bottom of Firefox.

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Facebook: Clear Chronicle and content clean with macro

On your Chronicle you scroll to the bottom of the page and clears manually re-entry to post, no matter whether it is your own posts, links, video, messages or posts from friends. Have you deleted as many different Facebook Post options on your browsing history, you can using "Stop" to stop the lap recording. Now click left on the newly saved macro and you can play this with "Play". Observed the events in the browser. Does the process as desired it, you can see "Macro repeat" the value "100" to "Max" Enter. Now choose "Play (Loop)" and the macro runs as long, was deleted until your entire Facebook history. Of course you can in this way simply can hide all the Facebook chronicle entries.

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