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The Escape key is located on the computer keyboard and is most often used to end an action. If ye knows not so good at the computer, learn it here, how do you like the Escape key on your computer.

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The Escape key is in contrast to the Enter key, especially in computer games for use &# 8211; it is usually used to display a menu or to end the game. You can find Escape usually in the upper left corner of your keyboard.

Escape key on the keyboard

Here is the escape key on a standard keyboard on a Windows PC:

Escape key on the keyboard

  • Escape is usually located at the top left of the keyboard &# 8211; a few keyboards but have more keys to the left Escape.
  • The abbreviation for the button is Esc.
  • In programs the escape key is sometimes used to stop an action.
  • Gets you in the browser a page on their stops escaped as the charging process.