selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms

The closet is full PS3 games? Soon comes a new title and a lot of old games around are that no one plays more anyway? The solution can be found by selling the games through trade-in offers. But which service is the best when it comes to used PS3 games for sale? We present the various offers.

The Top 5 of the best games for the Playstation 3:

42518Top 5 games for the Playstation 3
There are many different services, happy to accept the old games and resell later, but the pros and cons offer? We give you an overview of the most popular service for selling PS3 games.

selling PS3 games: The you have to be aware

Before you ever sold a game that makes sure that it actually works. It's always annoying to the next buyer if a Blu-ray does not work because it is scratched. This also applies to the packaging, if the looks that is already battered, which reduces the sales value significantly. Thus, it is very useful to share a zerkratze shell with a current by simply exchanges the cover.

Moreover, it is not legally permitted Games &# 8220; From 18&# 8243; privately resell without a verified middlemen take part. Only professional sellers may sell namely media without Parental Control released in accordance with the Youth Protection Act. However indexed media may not resell the middlemen.

Amazon Trade-In

If you want to sell your PS3 games, then Amazon offers you a good service where there are 20% more for old games, if you are students. Because Amazon you print a delivery note, you do not even pay shipping.

selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms

If you want to sell your games, then you visit the Amazon trade-in page *selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms and seek out your items in the text field. Then you click on &# 8220; redeem now&# 8221; and let the rest is handled. If you have chosen the state of your game, you can the PlayStation 3 game send out and the article is then processed within a week. If one of the gains from a trade-in be lower than previously expected, then you can decide on Amazon if you want to get sent back to the article or whether Amazon refunded the game for the lower offer.

Here is the money that has made the old game, added as a voucher to the Amazon account and can be used for shopping there. Unfortunately, there to let the value of the voucher pay no chance.

Amazon Trade-In is known that they offer very low fees for second-hand games. not always so it's worth PS3 games via Amazon to sell. For this, however, you get a high-quality, fast service that sees games in any case. Because Amazon is a commercial acquirers, we must also its there &# 8220; From 18&Send in -Titel and all PEGI and NTSC versions can be exchanged easily; # 8,243th

Regame offers a solid service: All shipping costs to € 29 will be taken over by regame and customer hotline competently take care of (mostly) every problem that might occur, because sometimes the package recordings are in default.

selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms

In addition one can sell his PS3 games and can transfer the money immediately. The advantage is, if you live near Zwickau, Leipzig and Plauen, you can look at the range itself, sell its games and buy used games or make it all up online. With a copy of the identity card it is also possible to use both &# 8216; From 18&# 8242; -Titel to sell and to buy online. Since regame quickly and personally offering support compared and their remuneration are located in the middle segment, the view of the online offer is worth definitely.


While GameStop, has his PS3 games sell any online store, but GameStop stores in various locations in Germany. Selling prices offered for used games are in a good, upper third and one can also its there &# 8220; From 18&# 8243; get rid title. are problems&# 8217; s then but not adopted by PEGI and NTSC games because the are.

selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms

Since you sold the games site, drop off any and all shipping and you get the money right away in his hand.

Plus, there's always changing special offers, such as that can be exchanged for two games and can take it another second-hand game. The nearest GameStop store near you can bring it on the official website in experience.

ebay Classifieds

The offer from Ebay Classifieds *selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms is a double-edged sword. Since the setting of offers is completely free, there is driving Hinz & Kunz on the loose and so are usually hidden under a good offer many bad listings of all users. Moreover, it is legally not allowed *selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms &# 8220; From 18&# 8243; -Titel on Ebay *selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms and eBay Classifieds to sell.

selling PS3 games: Tips, Tricks and Best platforms

In addition, it is generally recommended when you sell a PS3 game that you surrender this personally, rather than through the post-route or PayPal. So you are on the safe side, that your game arrives and get your money in return. The price is of course in your hands. So you can times with happiness over 10 € get more than most online retailers offer one. In addition, it is possible that either the mailbox is flooded or is not answering for a long time, since the offer of private goes to individuals and these buyers-acquisition may take a long time. But since no middleman is involved here is the cost that this would take as a share of saves.

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