Pokémon GO: Blocked accounts may be released again

Pokémon GO has recently experienced an outright ban wave in which the developers of Niantic countless accounts have banned players, as they violate the rules. Now the company wants to partially grant clemency.

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Pokémon GO: Some players accounts are released

Many players of Pokémon GO have used "aid" in order to make the small pocket monsters better identified. Partly also GPS hacks and other tools have been used to gain an unfair advantage over normal players. The developer Niantic recognizes announced closures of accounts and these pulled lately from rigorous. Now it has published an official post on your own website in which the activation of certain accounts is announced. Some of the players are namely not have noticed that the tools violate the rules.

The function of Pokémon GO continues to ensure no delays, some infrastructure changes have now been made. Apps and tools that have collected data, to enable easier discovery of Pokémon, the servers that is so heavily loaded as it is known DDoS attacks, and led to outages. This brings the individual players, although an advantage, but disturbs the whole game fun when doing so unnecessary strain on the server. This problem has now been solved Niantic and started unlock certain accounts again.

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Aids continue to be banned

This does not mean that such aids are now allowed and can be used. Niantic indicates that many players now indeed get a second chance, but they must also be used and should not offend again against the rules. The use of real-time maps as PokéVision whose service remains stopped, can lead to a renewed and lasting spell. True GPS hacks and bots are banned and the accounts that have used these also remain locked. There, the players knew full well that the use is prohibited. The same applies to the exploitation of bugs to complicate the game for other users or prevent.

If your Pokémon-GO account has been so recently locked and you realize you waiting any guilt, you can now try to sign up again.

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Source: nianticlabs via ign

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