The wild seventies in the stream: Here you see the sitcom online

17 years ago we saw the first time how a group of teenagers to Eric Forman in the party room of the family house in Point Place gathered and talked about their lives. Do you want the flower-power cult series &# 8220; The wild seventies&# 8221; the US station FOX see the live stream, we'll tell you below which providers have the sitcom in the program.

The wild seventies (English: That '70s Show) shows the daily life of the teen clique around Eric Forman, an unsportsmanlike, lanky but eloquent young people. Next to him, the young Ashton Kutcher and his current partner Mila Kunis are in the roles of the less privileged Kelso and the rich, superficial Jackie see Burkhart.

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The wild seventies in the stream to see - those are the providers

Authentic clothing and hairstyles characterize the series around the series in the wild decade. Want to see the stories about the six teens who want to be cool and isolate themselves from their annoying parents, can you either the DVD *The wild seventies in the stream: Here you see the sitcom onlinepurchase or see the wild seventies online.

If a you Netflix subscription, you see the show to the teenagers free as part of your flat rate. While there is no way to see all 200 episodes of the sitcom for free, but you can the 8 seasons but also stream from these suppliers:

  • Amazon *The wild seventies in the stream: Here you see the sitcom online
  • maxdome *
  • iTunes *
  • Google Play *
  • YouTube *

In general, the cost is 2.49 euros per episode.

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That's what The wild seventies

Mainly the everyday life of a youth clique is shown, which meet in the basement of the Forman family and sit in a circle or cruising by car through the area around the provincial nest Point Place. There is for a womanizer and an exchange student Fez or even the somewhat stupid Kelso, which falls at least once a year from the water tower. Premiere was on August 23, 1998 to the US channel FOX, two years later, there was the '70s on RTL Television for the German public.

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The staging of the hippie decade is the &# 8220; new&# 8221; Technology such as computers and video recorders or the emergence of feminism shown. In addition, the smoke is legendary in the circle scenes: While it is never said that here just to smoke drugs, but it suggests precisely this stylistic device and dream sequences or wide-angle shots to. In the series, the fabric is as &Stuff; # 8220&# 8221; paraphrased - typical 70s.

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