Schrat: What does the word of Jerks.?

Christian Ulmen has launched together with colleague and friend Fahri Yardim the first German production of a streaming provider. And right in the first episode of the first season of Jerks. referred elm himself as Schrat. We ask at this point the question of meaning, use and origin.

Elms and Yardim sit together with her friends at the table and eat. Then the conversation turned to Collin Fernandez and their series relationship comes with Kay One and continues with comments on the former relationship between elms and Collin. In this conversation to elm calls himself Schrat and feature-Pretty - and as Schrat of course does not fit Collin Fernandez. Is Schrat therefore an insult?

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Schrat: Etymology and origin

The origin of Schrat itself is unclear. but it is believed that it Germanic origins has, as the following words are known:

  • Middle High German: Schraz
  • Old High German: scrato
  • Altnordisc: skrat (t) i
  • Icelandic: skratti
  • Swedish: skratte

the meanings vary between the following words:

  • wizard
  • devil
  • merman
  • fool
  • dwarf
  • Goblin

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can you summarize this important diversity among following definition: A Schrat is human-like spirits being that lives in the forest and caused terror and nightmares.

Here are some more info and short facts:

  • A Schrat is a single entity - as opposed to Elves and mountain male.
  • As Schretel or Schräzel also referred to a small Schrat.
  • Folk festivals and carnival you also really dresses up as Schrat: The costume usually consists of a mask with bushy eyebrows, beard and a big nose and a cap of leaves.
  • There is also the notion Waldschrat which generally describes an unshaven, unkempt man.
  • Gladly we say children who come from dirty play and run outside home &# 8220; You look so like a wood sprite&# 8221 ;.

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Schrat: Use in Jerks.

Originally, therefore, denoted by the term Schrat a forest beings from superstition. Elm will have themselves hardly called a nature spirit. So what Schrat means in this context? We can not say for sure, but Schrat must be seen in another, transferring meaning and not literally. Schrat used in this context as the word Waldschrat. It says rather a natural, slightly shaggy man with Tweet jacket in this context. is Schrat as the type of man counterpart to the metrosexual man.

Source: blew_i, Taras_Olynskyi

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