Google Pixel: Great success with 3 million sales

Initially, the Google-pixel smart phones came violently to criticism, since the price was significantly higher than the Nexus devices. It appears that the devices are selling very well.

Google Pixel: Great success with 3 million sales

The new smartphones Google pixel Google pixel and XL mean a major upheaval for the search engine giant. After Google pixel C Google has launched a smartphone series to life, which is also associated pixel family. Those devices should make especially the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus competition, which is why Google oriented in the choice of materials and all other aspects of the high-end segment - including the price. The cheapest model is the Google pixels with 32 GB of internal memory, will cost 759 euros.

Since many Android fans were excited about the Nexus smartphones that criticism of the allegedly overpriced devices has been hard and there were many predictions that the Google-pixel smart phones will sell not very good.

Google pixel has sold over 3 million times

It appears that the critics were wrong, because market researchers of the investment bank Morgan Stanley forecast the equipment sales of 2 billion US dollars. According to figures Google would sell 3 million units this year and settle next year 5-6 millions. The phones could bring Google a turnover of 3.8 billion US dollars next year.

The pure profit per sold pixels between 22 and 25 percent. The result for the Group of Mountain View, a total turnover of 440 million US dollars, solely through the sale of the equipment.

The success of the phones announced, because a month ago, Google let the skeptics already know that Google pixels and pixel XL are a success and you can hardly meet the demand.

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Nevertheless, far behind Samsung and Apple

Despite the surprising success of smartphones pixel devices remain well below competitors. Apple could sell 45.5 million iPhones in the last quarter, a turnover of 28 billion US dollars. Earnings per unit falls at Apple almost twice as high as in the pixel phones. Samsung also has a sales volume of nearly 73 million units ahead of Google, but the margin is the Korean company about the same level.

Source: Business Insider via AreaMobile

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