World of Warships: Aircraft Carrier Guide – All about the Carrier

In World of Warships aircraft carriers are the most unusual ship class that is radically different from the other types of ships. For where Cruiser, Battleship and destroyer duel especially with artillery and torpedoes on sight with their opponents, aircraft carriers remain behind their own line of battle in coverage and send whole squadron of fighter planes into battle. We tell you what is important in the game with the aircraft carriers.

68083World of Warships: The Storm (E3 2014) - GIGAIn World of Warships to aircraft carriers play completely differently from the other ship classes. For while her ranm├╝sst with the other ships quite close to the enemy, an aircraft carrier remains wide in the rear and has no big guns, with which he shoots around. Instead, start their aircraft squadrons that her then ordered around like in a real-time strategy game on the tactical chart.

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Aircraft carrier at a glance

Main tasks
  • to do damage
  • enlighten
  • combat support
  • sink battleships
  • secure air superiority
  • Enormous potential for damage
  • optimal education
  • Good air defense
  • versatile
  • hardly armor
  • lousy acceleration
  • almost completely useless in close combat
  • Sluggish
chief enemy
  • destroyer
favorite victims
  • battleships

World of Warships: Aircraft carrier guide avoid flight times -Long!

The most important lesson when their aircraft carrier plays is: Stay away from the front, but also not too far behind! For your flyers have not infinite ammo and need to be replaced regularly back to Resupply or losses.

world-of-warships-Traeger03The mighty aircraft carrier can &# 8211; played correctly &# 8211; much damage Accept!

And the quicker you get back planes in the air, the more damage can you inflict it. So there is nothing worse than a long flight times can where your pilots do nothing and are probably intercepted by enemy aircraft and flak.

The agony of choice

Aircraft carriers have a choice of three different types of aircraft. These are fighters, torpedo and dive bombers. Fighter pilots are the easiest use, because they are mainly used to intercept other aircraft and to educate overseas territories. Optimally it is the hunters against a bomber, but if you superior planes or air superiority you, you should shoot even hostile fighter squadrons, then later not to disturb you.

world-of-warships-Traeger01Aircraft carriers have the right flyer for every situation.

But to win you need Bomber, your primary source of damage. Most dangerous are the dreaded torpedo bomber, which can cause immense damage if you to use them optimally. Ideally, attacking her slow and sluggish enemies from the side, but ensures that the torpedoes need a certain time to be sharp, but they do not throw just near the enemy.

Stukas and sacrificial lambs

Dive bombers are there already easier to use, because they drop their bombs on the deck of the ship. Therefore, we need only ensure that you present your ammunition thunders directly from the front of the goal. Although Stukas not cause as much damage as a torpedo bomber, but you make with it a few ships such as destroyers better and if their weak points gets even bombs can do much damage.

world-of-warships-Traeger02Aircraft carriers are among the most inflexible ships.

Also, you can as an unscrupulous commander maximize your attack bombers, by her first send a squadron of interceptors in the range of enemy flak, closely followed by the bombers. Then eat the hunter's defensive fire and your bombers can drop the maximum number of charges.

aim manually

If you automatically assign your torpedo bombers a goal, they do not throw their cargo necessarily always optimally. Therefore, you should, if you have the time to fire the eels manually. This makes her by her clicks on the season and the ALT key down. Use your mouse to determine the launch angle and with the left mouse button you let the torpedoes going on.

world-of-warships-Traeger04Carriers should never catch fire, because then they can not start a pilot.

World of Warships: Aircraft Carrier Guide - Upgrades

If you aircraft carrier plays it primarily uses all updates that improve your flyers. If you for example, improving your fighters, will much more likely to win and thus ensure air superiority her direct battles against other hunters without upgrading. In addition, improvements that improve the fire fighting, always good, because a burning carrier can neither start nor pilots can land!

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