rename pictures and photos: Quickly and effortlessly with IrfanView

If you shoot pictures with a digital camera, they usually obtain a non-recognizable names like IMG_2134.jpg. Even after downloading images from the Internet, a file name is again usually that does not correspond to their own needs. For better management of the pictures, it is advisable therefore to rename images and photos.

Easily can be in Windows Explorer Photos rename. Here you click with the right mouse button on the image and choose from the menu &Rename; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Of course, you can now put to work and manually assign one frame at a unique name. With appropriate software, this process but can also be automated. So your own holiday pictures bear no anonymous names anymore but can such. B. to "Holidays in Tirol-2013-567.jpg" be renamed "holiday-in-Tirol-2013-1.jpg".

Rename Photos several simultaneously

A tool that is suitable for renaming photos, is the free image editor IrfanView. Before you "rename Photos" gets going with the project, you should first of all the images that will carry a new name, moved to a common folder. Now you follow these steps to rename the images have to be made:

  • Opens any image from folder
  • Presses the button "B"
  • In the new window you sit on the hook "Batch renaming"
  • Now it is important to choose an appropriate name for the images:
    • "Name" is the term
    • "#" Is a sequential numbering
    • For the example above, it is so "holiday-in-Tirol-2013- #".
    • Selects target directory as a folder in which the renamed images are stored
    • Select "Add all. off "or selects drag & Drop with the mouse all the photos that are to be renamed
    • begins with "Start" IrfanView now to give all selected images the predetermined name, including numbering.
photos-rename-irfanviewWith IrfanView you can with a few clicks rename photos

Rename Photos: Fast and convenient

Does IrfanView "Rename photos" the process successfully completed, the newly named images are in the target folder. These are copies of the original photos. This can now delete it to save disk space or according to archive as needed.


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