Prey: Locations of all codes, key cards and passwords

The World of Prey is open so you can spend hours exploring Talos 1 before you continue with the main mission. Some accesses remain but you refused. They are protected by codes or require key cards to get on. Some PCs require passwords, so you come to the data therein.

Some doors and PCs are closed to Morgan. In Prey but you have to watch out not mandatory for key cards, key codes or passwords. simply accumulated enough Neuromods and unlocks special abilities and powers. Hacking can take you, for example, behind every door &# 8211; if you win the mini-game. In some places, you can also in other ways, with the doors past. But will you not seek and do not chop, we have listed the localities Safe codes, passwords and key cards for you.

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Table of Contents:

  • All code combinations and their localities
  • Find all keycards
  • Locations of passwords for PCs
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All code combinations and their localities

The key codes open your doors and safes. Often you can past the locked doors and deny alternative ways. but these are not without risk. The codes be found on walls or on scraps of paper. Have you found it once, they will appear to you in addition to the control panel. Your they need but still enter manually. The good thing about the code is that you may be able to use simple, without having found them before. So would you find the safe combinations anywhere on the Internet, you could simply entering. Do you understand the wave of the GLOO gun? Then continue reading.

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Considering that the game offers an (almost) open world, so that the order of the codes do not match with each player. Some codes are in every Play-through randomly generated. If so, you can not find a code, but a mine.

You can also codes activate means of hacking. Pays attention to the control panel and the number next to the hacking symbol. It shows you at which stage you must have developed the ability. Cracks her safe, you get a reward, inter alia, Neuromods to unlock skills.

Click on the hacking icon to bypass the code entry.Click on the hacking icon to bypass the code entry.

Our codes are by field. Click on a region to see all the codes in the area:

  • Neuromod department
  • lobby
  • machine lab
  • psychotronics
  • outdoors
  • GU.T.S. (Including maintenance tunnel)
  • crew quarters
  • data center
  • Schuttle dock
  • hold
  • power plant
  • life support
  • bridge

The tables also show you whether it is a static or random code is. Some codes that you need especially for the main missions are static. Other change each play-through, and so also with every player.

Codes in the Neuromod department

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
safeyes, 5150Simulation DebriefingGoes to the office of Morgan, look at the video and looks into the left corner of the room in the simulation. Here you will find the whiteboard with the code.
doorNosecurity ZoneSearches for the foyer. Returns to her later in this section, you will find a note at Divya Naaz.
This safe will take you directly to a blueprint for the fabricator.This safe will take you directly to a blueprint for the fabricator.

Codes in the lobby

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
dooryes, 0451Morgan's officeTo gain access to the office, looking for a note on the PC screen.
dooryes, 1129waiting roomYou need to Hunter Bolt Thrower, to get to the code. The weapon found on Level 3 in the empty office next to the work of Yuri Kimura. Shoots so through a window in the waiting area to activate a button. Addiction then a note to your PC.
safeyes, 0526security ZoneIn the office of Sarah Elazar you will find a safe, which you can open with the code. Nearby there is also a green book that contains the code. Examined in the book after a highlighted passage.
dooryes, 0913IT security
safeyes, 7324trauma centerThe safe was in the office of Hendrik DeVries. The code is located on a wall in the quarantine station. Mark you the safe combination better.
doorNovolunteer quartersExamined in the executive offices of the PC by Bianca Goodwin. Here you will find the code.
doorNopilot's loungeEnter the staff lounge and looking behind the counter. Here is Octavia Figg, who has a TranScribe with the code in the inventory.
This code is the same for every player. Morgan but does not realize it yourself, so you have to do it for him.This code is the same for every player. Morgan but does not realize it yourself, so you have to do it for him.

Codes in the Laboratory for Machine

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNoDirector Thorstein's officeRead the e-mails on the PC by Thadeus York.
doorNopantryThe code is located on the PC of the model tests.
safeNoBallistiklaborGo to the lab and see to the left. The screen door must move her with leverage I. Have not you the ability to blows them up or use a Recycler grenade.
safeyes, 9954machine labIn the office of Dr. Thorstein is a safe, which you can open with the code.

Codes in the psychotronics

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
-yes, 8714armoryAaron Ingram will give you the code. You need to decide.

Codes for G.U.T.S. (Including maintenance tunnel)

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNomaintenance tunnelExamined in the maintenance tunnel for the body of Kimberly Borno. She has the code.
safeNoMagnetospheric controlExamined in the magnetosphere control in the bathroom. A shelf with many rolls of toilet paper contains the code. Beat it.

Codes for outdoor use

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNopantrySearches for the TranScribe Dr. Calvano outdoors.
dooryes, 2312Dr. Igwes container-

Codes for the crew quarters

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
safeyes, 0523Dr. Calvino's laboratoryAs part of the main quest, you are moving in this laboratory. Grab the thermos in the room, she puts on the scale, which is located next to the microscope and can extract the contents of the closet. now goes to the cabin of Calvino (crew quarters B) and strike a the Looking Glass.
doorNogymOn the PC, the concierge the code is in an e-mail.
safeNoCabin CalvinoTo have access to the safe, you've got to the recordings of Calvino at his PC listen.
doorNogymMake sure to read through the note that you find in the toilet B of the crew quarters.
doorNomail roomTo get the code, you must read a note in the crew living capsules. Looking at the capsule of Anders Kline.
doorNokitchenWatch as the chef unlocks the freezer to get the code.
doorNoBoardroomIn the cabin by Will Mitchell you will find his computer. Goes in search of an e-mail that is addressed to you, and rotates about a food request.
doorNoBoardroomStudied in space, which also includes a recycler. A note is at the table &# 8211; Here is the code.
doorNoBoardroomIn the gym you have to look out for the PC by Emma Beatty. In an e-mail through a personal training session you will find the keycode.

Codes for the data center

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNostairwellExamined in the level 1 after work by Zachary West. A note next to you opens the stairwell.
safeNocommand CenterMake sure to read the note through behind the work of Danielle Sho in the command center. The code works for both safes in the data center.

Code for the shuttle dock

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
safeNoShuttle DocksSafe Mia Bayer - we have not yet found the code.

Code for the cargo hold

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
safeNoA cargo holdIn the office of the quartermaster you can talk to Sarah Elazar. It gives you the code to the safe, which is located in the cargo hold A.

Codes for the power plant

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNoSpare parts warehouseStudied in the control room after TranScribe Duncan Krassikoff.
dooryes, 3845reactor-

Codes for the life support

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
doorNostorage roomMake sure to read through the note in the oxygen flow control to go to the storage room. You come into the room by her einschmeißt a window in a corner.
safeNosecurity stationNear the safe, the body of Erica Teague is the main elevator. the note is at her with the code.

Safe for the bridge

Safe or door?Fixed code?localitydescription
safeNobridgeRaises the book on the desk of the loft by the master. Among them is a note.


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