Battlefield 1: mud and blood in the teaser trailer and live stream announcement

Tomorrow want to introduce closer EA and DICE Battlefield 1 campaign on the live stream. Already, they have released a teaser trailer for Mission section through mud and blood.

363Battlefield 1 mud and blood Teaser Trailer

This week turns to those who are waiting eagerly for the World War II shooter Battlefield 1, all about the single-player campaign from the DICE game. First there was the extensive and nicely be regarded singleplayer trailer before a lot were announced on information about the campaign and the missions. These state, for example, that the Battlefield one single player may not be linear and will offer different playable characters who will tell five different stories. These are named after influential friends, nothing is written, through mud and blood, Avanti Savoia! and the messengers. Tomorrow will introduce a whole lot of campaign live stream out the charge, already there is a matching teaser trailer.

Take a look at the single player trailer here

This shows you a few seconds from the Battlefield 1 mission section through mud and blood, in which it verschlägt now the European Western Front, in the middle in the trenches and trench warfare on the French-Belgian border. Through mud and blood playing in autumn 1918, shortly before the end of the war and shows the attack on the French city of Cambrai, to be in the set, especially in armored force - only are the used Mark V armor not exactly reliable. More on the Battlefield one campaign you can find out tomorrow from 22:00 our time in live stream on Twitch, which will be broadcast as part of the TwitchCon 2016th

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you have you secured the Early Enlister Edition, you can get started already on 18 October. The Trials of EA and Origin Access Access will be released on October 13, but does not include all the contents of the game.

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