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For editing images, there are countless programs, but with most of them only individual files can be changed. Not so with the freeware downsizer developed by manufacturers breakout box. 

Because this tool is not just a simple image editor. Who wants to upload as many photos of a folder on a specific site and there must meet requirements, for example to comply with certain file sizes or edge lengths, has to change individually normally each image. Downsizer sailed around the cliffs by the tool handle supports all the photos an entire folder to your specifications.

Dimensions, size, resolution and format can be set

You can preset the size, file size and resolution of the output files and then upload all the photos with a blow to the appropriate Web site. In the same operation also the formats of image files can be changed, to choose from here the most popular formats JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF. In addition, you can tag your images with a watermark or personal Copyright by function &einkopieren text into the picture; # 8220&# 8221; use.

Reliable, easy and fast

This is quick and easy. Just as reliably the freeware Multiple Image Resizer works about, also free of charge available with us. Another advantage is that both programs are operational in German.

the downsizer free downloads Conclusion: No question, the software works reliably, the surface is easy to use and the results are impressive. Much better it is unlikely to bring the images an entire folder into the same format.

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