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Part 1 &# 8211; Adonis Luxury ResortOnce you can move freely you walk straight ahead and up the stairs. You have up to the highest level, arrived there you destroy the coral at the blocked passage used to the matching ability of the screen will appear anyway which key you must press it.

In the next area, go straight on until you end up back in a larger space.


Adonis Baths

Remains on the upper level and run left forward, after a short distance to the left you will see a region where an electric wire hangs from the ceiling. Even before this area is on the left side next to the path Record # 1. Continue through the passage, in the following area you done first left the opponents. Run to the right to the locked door, if you look at the disc it learns the code, he is 1540. In the sauna you grab some items and Record # 2. Follow the path until it eventually becomes a machine is, the Gatherer's Garden. Did you get the Electrobolt property you must then also immediately use in the door is locked.


Back in the area with the pool you care about the splicer before you, but beware as there are still hidden right in the room, another opponent. Also right in the space you have to reactivate the generator with your new ability (Electrobolt), that's done you walk to the left side of the room where it progresses through the open door.


Bend after a short distance to the right in the direction toilets, straight ahead you will find right on the bench Record # 3. Searches still the rest of the toilets, but beware, on the way back you will sometimes expected of an enemy. Again, the main path along you meet in the next larger space to other enemies used Electrobolt to stun them, then you can give them the rest of the melee. Turn around is towards the entrance, left on a bench Record # 4.


Run to the front, by the door you grab the weapon which is clamped here. In the next room lurk two new enemies are defeated searched her initially exactly the area, as there are some useful items here. also runs right down the stairs, here you can find straight in front of you Record # 5. On the way back it is to defeat a new villain, on it goes until you finally end up again in a larger area.


Large foyer

Your first encounter with a Big Sister. The enemy is extremely fast and can withstand some hits. Uses immediately stop Electrobolt to the enemy, now you instantly fires projectiles some of the previously found gun at the enemy. The whole thing repeated her now long, is emptied to about one third of the energy bar of your opponent, then this refuge fortunately. Stay with this struggle necessarily in and uses it as effectively as possible the Electrobolt &# 8211; Ability to the statue in the middle of the room lends itself to this as cover.


If the fight is over you walk to the back of the room, at the bar you will find Record # 6. Searches nor the rest of the room thoroughly as many objects, it goes on the left through the open passage to where the Big Sister is gone.


Demeter banquet hall

Follow the path along forever, until a short sequence follows and you find yourselves in the water. Pay attention to the arrow at the top center, so you can find the correct path. After only a short piece is in front of you two bright headlights, left before this you can enter through a hole a bathysphere, here it examines the light and you get Record # 7. now simply continues to follow the path until it ends up in the airlock, where you activate the switch to the left to go to the next section.


section 2 &# 8211; Atlantic Express

Move it straight ahead and always follows the path initially just until before you close a door. Step into the next room right at the table you will find the Hack tool that you must cancel it. Targets with your new device through the hole in the pane on the door controller, so you can chop them from a distance. Pay attention now to the display, you are allowed only press the appropriate button when the arrow is in the green zone.


Go through the open door on, in the next room you can chop a Siche REITs bot from very close, so do not have to use your tool. continues to follow the path until you land in a larger area, where a large object falling down. Take care first about the two splicer, then you enter the next room on the left. Grab various items left at the table you will find Record # 8. Leaves the area right up front, in the supposed dead end you use the left the door control, that you progresses. After the scene with the attack you land in the water, here you simply moves you along the path until you're out of the water. Right in front of you before you left the stairs runs up, there is a large fan, this closely watched, you can behind Record # 9 see. So you rankommt here you have the ability to use telekinesis, she gets her in the next room.


planning office

At the end of the next room you'll switch to your hack tool so you can chop the more remote camera. Wait until the enemies are defeated or attacks the bots alarmed by the arms until the area is secured. At the other end of the room leaves her right to the field, keep yourselves continue right where a short sequence follows. Grab the new plasmid, thus her ability gets telekinesis. Versa initially returned to the area with the water, there you grab from the area behind the large fan another record. However, now further follows the main path in order to land in a larger area with a plurality of enemies.


Railway Workshop 6B

Uses the very beginning, the gas bottles and throw them via telekinesis to your enemies, but beware the same time that you will not get hit by enemy grenades. Is the air clean you walk on to the front, left at the table you will find Record # 10. Once you can reach via the stairs down to her if you want the right via Electrobolt more active the door switch, so you come back in the last section. However, it goes on to the left side of the room to the other rooms in the Railway Cafe, where her at the very end (after you have crossed the kitchen with the fire) must in the storage room. Straight ahead is in the room, an open suitcase, this can you Record # 11 Find. Attention, on your way back, it is once again to conquer some new splicer.


Back in the large main room you walk more to the right in the room &# 8211; from the stairs that are run her down virtually straight &# 8211; back, the small stairs to a sleeping place, here is again in an open suitcase Record # 12. After you try to penetrate further into the area closes before you score a goal, so you have to explore the left side chambers in the room, which is accorded to a hole in the wall. again the ability use telekinesis, so can you get the tube from the gears. It continues in the large main area, through the now open door.


Control room

Hold on right at the beginning on the left, the staircase runs up and follow the path for a short distance along because where penetrates in the window a little water can you at the table Record # 13 collect. Back in the large room you walk this time right to the top where you will find a vending machine, here you can check out if necessary stock up on some items, but it is most useful and much cheaper to collect items from defeated enemies. Also in this area you come through a staircase further up.


Attention in the following region hit multiple enemies right, best first you hacking the security camera even from a safe distance so that you get support in the fight. Otherwise you remain primarily at a distance and attempted to stun the enemies via Electrobolt and then to defeat quickly. At the end of the room you use the right elevator to get to the next level.


Run up the stairs straight up and keep left, in the small office with the two bodies can be found right front &# 8211; in the open drawer &# 8211; Record # 14. The traps on the way up to you the way, not harm, quite the contrary, you can even collect them, which is quite useful later. now continue following the path along until you end up in the next area.


railway station

Done right, the splicer, then you hacking best already from here the camera on a large area in front of you. Activated right there where the splicer has stood the intercom after the short sequence dive countless enemies. Uses the case rivets newly found at the entrances &# 8211; these are the holes in the wall, left and right at the beginning of the large room &# 8211; to this area, so you think the splicer slightly better in check. The rest is done their usual way it melee, her best uses Electrobolt while your Bohrerarm because its so inflicts the most damage. If the fight is over you check out their seats more in the middle of the room on to a place it Record # 15. Now finally runs to the path right of the room, inside you activate the switch to eventually thus to enter the next area.


section 3 &# 8211; Ryan Amusements

Run to the outside, straight into the cottage you can collect some items on it goes to the left. Follow the stairs behind the door upward, another door you will find straight in front of you &# 8211; on the box where many candles are &# 8211; Record # 16. Turn to the left and looks in the direction of vending machines, the left you can see a block of ice, it houses among others a record, but you may be able to get until you have collected the appropriate plasmid.


security prison

Splicer does the following in space, then it runs to the left and further along this path until it finally to Power to the People (# 1) &# 8211; Station of the game comes. Addiction want you out of what weapon to improve their, in this case you should orient you first of all about what do you use most often. Continue down the stairs until you have arrived at the office of the manager. Gathers straight at the table Record # 17 one, right in the space you have at the broken window in turn use the hack tool, so you can open the locked door. At the end of the room to the left of the window, you grab off the table the ticket. Run back to the top, does the newly discovered enemy on the way, since when he has stood can conveniently collect their new weapon and ammunition.


Back in the entrance area &# 8211; because where you previously have a single splicer already defeated &# 8211; now hit multiple enemies, so stay rather cover and switches an opponent out after another. The area is backed up you can use the ticket left previously found, so you come into the amusement park.


Rapture Museum

Gather at the beginning the blue object in front of you, to the next to the woman, her thus get your first gene tonic, speed boost. Run next left and forward, in the next area you remain at this level and run forward a little to a seat located between some signs. Keep your eyes open for this seat, can be found here Record # 18. Explored next the right part of the room, where you can enter a new area.


gift shop

Handles all enemies in the first large area, then you run into the right back of the room, you can here in a box Record # 19 (Find the left of the safe). Running can now open their by their fires with Electrobolt to the door control into the left rear of the shop, the locked door. thus it enters the bathroom, just straight ahead takes you Record # 20. Attention, on the way back, of course, lurking new enemies that need to be done there, also more thoroughly scans the area for other useful objects, there is quite a lot to get. Returns to the Rapture Museum, where you think you are just to the right where you keep running on the upper level through the door.


El Dorado Lounge

Gathers straight in progress both the tonic "drill force"One as well Record # 21, which is right next to it. Next now it's straight on to the next larger area. Once in the bar you walk straight to the other end of the room, in a somewhat remote area you can find in an open suitcase Record # 22.


Next, a really tough challenge, you have to defeat the Big Daddy in this room, fortunately, attacked the enemy only when you attack him. Chopping best first the Medi-Station, then you can heal you there cheaper Also be sure to reactivate the flying drone at the beginning of the area. With the Electrobolt you can stun the Daddy briefly, otherwise uses her your strong caliber &# 8211; for example, the MG newfound &# 8211; to as much causing damage. Avoid close proximity, as the Big Daddy is currently practiced in close combat. It is important that you keep your distance in this fight, that ye be not taken too so keep strictly by the narrow aisles away. If the fight is over you grab the Little Sister and makes you together on the way back.


Back in the Rapture Museum &# 8211; Area you have to on the lower level, where you will find the first corpse. Now comes another uncomfortable part, so chop earlier the nearby Medi-station, so you can heal favorable. Dip it neatly on many Splicer, fortunately, these are initially equipped with melee weapons, so you can best engage with the drill. Only towards the end when behind you the door is forced open dive from there armed with long-range weapons to opponents.

In this fight it's more important that you yourselves first heals every now and again (if necessary) saves the best first aid kits and uses instead the Medi-station which is very close anyway. Also, you should rather save ammunition &# 8211; if any is left over from the fight with Big Daddy &# 8211; and only attack the last better armed enemies with ranged weapons.


Travel to the surface

If the task is made you walk through the previously blasted door, in the following region lurk more enemies, especially in the lower part of the room. Are you earlier keep left, so you can enter an office, here you can find Record # 23. Attention, if you will open the door you will be attacked immediately! Now follow along the tracks up, but differs here immediately the object of which rolls toward you. Fight your now be further along the path until it reaches a region with several houses after you are running over a ramp up. Watch out for more enemies and still remains on the main path, eventually runs around the corner and you will find links on the boxes Record # 24. From here, you walk a little further and eventually leaves the right main line.


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