UserInit: Eliminate Application Error in Windows

Userinit.exe is a Windows file that is associated with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The process operates under the name Userinit Logon Application or Userinit Logon Application. It is the first program that is run with the user's credentials and responsible for starting the additional programs. UserInit also loads the user profile. The file can cause application errors and serves some viruses and Trojans as a code name.

UserInit: Eliminate Application Error in Windows

 Although Userinit.exe is not a Windows system file, the application still depends closely with the system together and performs many important tasks. Primarily UserInit starts the shell, so to put it briefly, the interface between system and user. You can find the program to C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ Userinit.exe and possibly also in the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Service \ i386. The process can be seen only in the Windows Task Manager.

UserInit: So correcting her problems with the Windows application

If there are problems with UserInit, this can have various causes:

  • Infections with viruses or malicious programs
  • Invalid registry entries associated with Userinit.exe
  • Damaged or missing files or programs

to check entries in the registry itself, requires some expertise: Who is his cause is not really sure should refrain from handwritten modifications and instead use a tool that can check the entries and repair them. We recommend for this purpose the Avira Registry Cleaner or Registry Repair Pro.


Should you suspect that the file has been damaged or accidentally deleted, or you have deleted them on the advice of a virus scanner, can you play it again from a Windows operating system CDs.

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UserInit: virus alert?

It is not unlikely that a Trojan or virus disguised as Userinit.exe. they are located at a place other than that given above is, this is a strong indicator of a fake Userinit.exe file. In this case, the test can provide with an online virus scanner first clues.


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