The Witcher 3: The Lodge of sorceresses – All about the big conspiracy

In The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, the Lodge of Sorceresses is already no longer exist, because the circle of conspirators was in the finals of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings already uncovered and destroyed. Nevertheless, many magicians have survived.

The Lodge of sorceresses has in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings officially ceased to exist, but their machinations have kicked up some dust that you in The Witcher 3: regular blows to the ears of The Wild Hunt. Therefore, we offer you a compact overview of the objectives and development of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

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But beware, there are some spoilers for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings!

The Loge de sorceresses at a glance

SurnameLoge of witches; sisterhood
RulerPhillipa Eilhart
coat of armsNone
governmentDemocratic body of the sorceresses
economic poweronce Great
political lineProgressive; reforming
  • Consists only of women
  • Manipulate and deception all power groups
  • Links to Scoia'tael
  • Members of Nilfgaard and the North rich
  • Even elves are welcome
  • Unscrupulous procedure
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The Witcher 3: The Lodge of sorceresses - The first attempt

The Lodge of sorceresses was formed six weeks after the disastrous uprising in Thanedd. There, a large conference of the chapter of the Magi took place, the great magician waistband of his time. But the corrupt wizard Vilgefortz was with Nilfgaard in league and started a revolution in which many magicians were killed and the chapter of the magician was shattered.

the-witcher-loge01The Lodge of sorceresses at a meeting.


Then the ambitious mage Phillipa Eilhart took advantage of the opportunity and gathered a handful of powerful witches around. Together they founded the Lodge of Sorceresses, a very small, secret and all-female Confederation (women were loud Phillipas opinion prudent and less impulsive than men), who had to create a dedicated magician State to the destination.

The lodge and the magician State

This state should have a notoriously unstable north and represent a balance to the powerful Empire Nilfgaard in the south. In addition, all people should have equal rights and are flourishing science and culture in the land of sorceresses. But before this Utopia could arise until the war with Nilfgaard had to be settled.

the-witcher-phillipaPhillipa Eilhart, founder of the lodge and first among equals.

The outbreak of war itself were the magicians not prevent, but there also sorceresses of the Empire were members of the lodge, they manipulated behind the scenes, they were worth. Then when Nilfgaard had to suffer a crushing defeat at Brenna, the magicians put strong one in the peace negotiations.

The Lodge of sorceresses and Ciri

After the war, the ultimate goal should at last be recognized and as the lodge had now taken up Geralt's foster daughter Ciri in their ranks, it should the heir to the throne of Kovir, one located far to the north and spared from war empire take over.

ciri_the_witcher_3Ciri was the last and youngest member of the lodge.

Even the witches knew that Ciris descendants would dominate because of the prophecy of Ithlinne once the world. Optimal conditions for the success of the grand plan. But to the chagrin of sorceresses Ciri disappeared soon after the pogrom of Riva and the lodge was back at the beginning of their efforts.

The Witcher 3: The Lodge of sorceresses and the regicide

Therefore Phillipa Eilhart moved to other strings and decided to enforce the magician State by force. For this purpose they hired the regicide Letho and let him kill the weak king Demawend of Aedirn. After that should occur on the territory of the long-awaited new government under the Crown Prince Stennis and Saskia folk hero.

thewitcher-letho03The murder of King Demawend was ordered by the lodge.

But Letho betrayed the lodge, because he had been hired in truth Nilfgaard. He also murdered King Foltest Temeria and marched in the chaos beyond still König Henselt of Kaedwen in Aedirn one. In the battle of Vergen the lodge was beaten and then put all the cards on the conference at Loc Muinne.

The end of the lodge and the witch hunt

In Loc Muinne conditions in Aedirn and Temeria should be regulated after the death of kings. The lodge was planning there finally to unite the magician and to establish their state finally. But the Nilfgaardian Ambassador Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen found that the lodge existed and was behind the conspiracy. Furthermore, King Radovid of Redanien erfuhrt it and blew the great witch hunt.

the-witcher-AssireAssire var Anahid was the first victim of the Lodge at Loc Muinne.

Therefore, the Lodge of magicians in their hour of triumph was weakened massively, because many people are already arrived at Loc Muinne or were scattered in all directions. Meanwhile, King Radovid strictly follow all magicians in his kingdom and even established his own witch hunters authority. The remaining witches - as Keira Metz - hiding since then and hardly dare to show up.

The members of the Lodge:

Phillipa EilhartKing Radovid let her rip out the eyes; But she is still alive and hiding
Margarite Laux-AntilleWas sentenced to death by Radovid
Triss MerigoldAlive, has distanced himself from the lodge
Keira MetzAlive, lives as a village witch dressed in swamp
Sabrina GlevissigYears before Loc Muinne has already been executed by König Henselt for incompetence
Sheala de TancarvilleOnly alive when Geralt let her go in the finals of The Witcher 2; otherwise they exploded
Francesca FinabairAlive reigns as queen of the elves State Dhol Blathanna under Nilfgaardian protection
Assire var Anahidmurdered on the orders of Emperor Emhyr var Emreis
Fringilla VigoAlive, probably in the duchy of Toussaint (she is a cousin of the Duchess)
Ida Emean aep SivneyProbably still alive
Yennefer of VengerbergAlive, has distanced himself from the lodge
CiriAlive, has distanced himself from the lodge

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