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With Waterfox you can surf in 64-bit based on Firefox.

Who is to surf through the network to the browser from the Mozilla home, currently has to take still Vorlieb with the 32-bit version as a final 64-bit version of Firefox is not yet available. Those who still do not want to wait for the developers to offer an appropriate solution, the open source project should times Waterfox look at.

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Waterfox as Firefox alternative for 64-bit systems

Since there is only an early 64-bit version of the browser from Mozilla nightly build at the moment, you can dodge as an alternative to Waterfox. These can then be used at full speed on 64-bit systems such as Windows. 7 The browser is based on the source code of Firefox and, according to the developers, their version is explicitly to performance, that is designed to speed.


Waterfox characterized by high performance

This should not only remember while browsing, but also already when starting the browser. He should be available faster than the 32-bit version of the Mozilla browser and respond more quickly to inputs. How well does the performance felt depends on the various systems on which the software is used. To use the open source version, you must have Visual C ++ 2010 on the computer to be installed. The popular plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun Java offer the developer in addition to the browser also in the 64-bit version to download.


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