Royal Revolt 2: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Royal Revolt gets its worthy sequel. Lest you crashed at the start of the game on the reverse tower defense game, you'll find the best tips and tricks to Royal Revolt 2 for Android and iOS here. In addition, you learn what it is to know about Royal Revolt 2 Cheats.

Royal Revolt 2: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Royal Revolt 2 takes you free from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. The game belongs to the best, what this genre has to offer the respective app stores. Unlike the first part you have it here is not against AI opponents, but only with human players do.

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Royal Revolt 2: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Therefore, you should look into the Royal Revolt 2 car tips and tricks to avoid being faced with frustrating moments in the game. Early in the game you should not miss to completely go through the tutorial. Here you will find numerous Royal Revolt 2 tips and tricks that help you become a successful game. In particular, the feature of each building is well and thoroughly explained here. The knowledge that the building has what function will be very useful during the game to react quickly and send the correct troops on the battlefield can. The following buildings are essential in Royal Revolt 2:

  • Castle Guard: Defense in attacks
  • Famr: food and bread for the troops supply, provides added motivation
  • Barracks: Unlock new troops and provide them with upgrades
  • Workshop: Upgrades and construction of the defense
  • Treasury: Gold stock, regular upgrade needed to make the most gold reserves
  • Taverne: More Gold


Royal Revolt 2: Tips for building workers

As with almost any freemium game, there is a premium currency in Royal Revolt second This is a rare in-game currency with which you z. B. can buy new units. More Royal Revolt 2 clunkers there are, among other things for completing missions or buying by real money.

Upgrading and building of buildings do the workers their just in Royal Revolt 2. Catch, you have two workers available, which you can use for the base building. New workers cost 500 clunkers. Especially at the beginning of the game you can invest 500 clunker to get faster.


Since the workforce in Royal Revolt are few and far between two, you should stop by the game and click on the building even after completion of the building construction. Only then, the construction is fully completed. If the worker is available, send it immediately to a new project to play as effectively as possible. Do you choose the blue arrow, you will find an overview of all current contracts of the workers.

Royal Revolt 2: gold and food

The most valuable resources in Royal Revolt 2 are gold and food. More gold there by the tavern. therefore already placed several taverns at the beginning of the game to accumulate quickly your gold reserves. Pays attention, however, that the treasury is adequately equipped to accommodate all the gold reserves and not to waste any precious metal.

New bread there, however, by building farms. You can find them spread all around the castle. In order more bread to get, ensures that the farms are regularly supplied with upgrades. Especially at the beginning of the game you grab as many farms as possible in order not to suffer from food shortages.


Royal Revolt 2: Tips for Clunkers

Rare also are the clunkers in Royal Revolt 2. This is the premium currency in the game. Find out here how to get free Royal Revolt 2 clunkers. When the game starts you are already provided some clunkers available. Will you get more free jewelry can do it the following:

  • play Introduction Tutorial: 200 Jewels
  • Game Start: 50 Clunkers
  • Participation in tournaments (level 2): ​​Free clunkers by tournament victories
  • Free clunkers by Facebook-Like: 25 clunkers there by her dialing the treasure chest in the game menu and clicking there on "Free". Become a Facebook fan of the game and gain 25 Jewels free

The clunkers that are made available to you in the tutorial are meant for the acceleration of the launch. However, If you are patient, the jewels saves and waits until the construction was completed on its own.

Gallery Royal Revolt 2

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Royal Revolt 2 Cheats for Clunkers

Who wants to have it particularly easy, sets out to search for Royal Revolt 2 Cheats for free clunkers. Here, however, was immediately told that the search is futile. The developers make Royal Revolt 2 for free download. The app is mainly financed by just those clunkers. A cheat for Clunkers will therefore not be in the game. On YouTube and Co. there are various Royal Revolt 2 hacks that promise you free clunkers. However, this is usually to scammers who either want to hijack your account or want to fix Trojan on your hard drive.

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