Switch with one click between Google Earth and Google Maps – Here s?

As already mentioned, there is no Google Earth map. Google Earth offers a satellite view and can also switch to Street View, but even leaves with different settings, the Google Earth Download do not move to display a map from the current point.

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But in a sense, we still come to Kartenauschnitte, because there is an interface between Google Earth and Google Maps, which is easily overlooked.

Google Maps in Google Earth

First of all, one should not forget that it is actually on Google Earth is a kind of Internet browser. A window contents are displayed which are fetched from the Internet. So if we start on the top left, a search, this is nothing more than when visiting the website of Google Earth and Google Maps and there looking for something.

However, the program has just been supplemented by various storage options, images and especially the expansion. But the bottom line is it RECOURSE a program that represents data from the Internet graphically &# 8211; So a browser. And therefore nothing that applications Google Earth, Google Maps and Street View reason not to each other.

Consistently is the integration of Street View in the satellite view from Google Earth. Once the user is deep enough &# 8211; down to street level &# 8211; goes, is switched to the photo view from Google Street View.

The map service Google Maps, however, unfortunately, treated somewhat stiefmütterlicher. Although of course all street and address data in Google Earth are included, but a proper map to see the program of a trick served.

The switch button between Google Earth and Google Maps

so we assume that it is on Google Earth is a kind of browser, it quickly becomes clear that this can also represent websites. And that's what happens when we switch the program between Google Earth and Google Maps.

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With a small button to switch between Google Earth and Google Maps takes

While the user is in the satellite or Street View screen of the program, he sees far right above a small, colorful button. he moves the mouse about him, the purpose becomes clear. This button is the interface to Google Maps. If you click on the website of Maps at exactly the point is called, you just have viewed in Google Earth.

To come back to Earth, a button is then the upper left of the map appears again, which brings us back to Google Earth. In this way, you can both views without the map would have to be truly integrated into the program of Google Earth and the use of Google Maps.


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