Play Store: If apps do not upgrade and do not start Downloads

We just have a gadget in the house that I really want to test with our editorial Nexus 7 device. For that, I need some racing apps I but just have not on the device. So Play Store and retrofitted! But unfortunately I keep getting an error message.

Play Store: If apps do not upgrade and do not start Downloads

On the subject:

  • troubleshoot the Google Play Store: "Error retrieving information from server"
  • Google Play Store: Server Error - this can be done
  • install Play Store: Fix problems with Google's app store

Play Store: Failed to retrieve information from the server RPC: AEC: 0

The problem: Many apps can do not install or that Update can not be performed become. As a reason for a message with an approximate wording indicating:

Failed to retrieve information from the server: XYZ: 123: 45 *

* Server data I have invented, as they are always different. but it was probably more times RPC: AEC: 0 in front. I really have very much tried: the device is restarted, delete the Play Store data dared uninstall the faulty app and reinstalling. But I always came back to this one point where I was denied the installation app or an update. It was milk for mice!

A very helpful tip came from the Forum of Android help. The error is probably due to the Android Framework.apk. Who there deletes the data to earlier to an OTA update to come, must be synchronization errors expected. I have just given you this tip a few weeks ago for the Nexus 7 / Nexus Galaxy. 7 So if you should get an error like this occur, the solution is simple!

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The solution

With a simple step can put things here: For me it has helped with Settin / Accounts the affected To delete Google Account and re set. Thereafter, a new synchronization took place and everything worked as it should! Apps were downloaded updates are installed.

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Play Store: Download does not start

Sometimes it may happen that the download of an app hangs. You start the download and see the message &# 8220; Starting download&# 8221; but it will not start. This can have several reasons, different solutions are available here:

  • Restart phone and try again Download
  • Check whether the smartphone is also compatible with the app. See &# 8220; list of supported devices&# 8221; in the browser Play Store
  • Check Internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular connection is stable?
  • the ports TCP and UDP 5228 must not be disturbed by other apps (Antirvirus, firewall)
  • update the credit card information in Google Wallet account with paid apps
  • Do you have enough disk space left? In Settings under &# 8220; memory&# 8221; finds her still your available memory
Google Play Store Download ErrorGoogle Play Store Download Error
  • If nothing helps, you can also delete the cache of the Google Play Store
    1. Goes into the settings > Apps > Manage apps
    2. then switch to the tab All
    3. Chooses the Google Play Store app, and then tap on delete data and clear cache
    4. Selects then the Download manager and then typed delete data and clear cache
  • To use the Play Store must &Background files; # 8220&# 8221; and &# 8220; automatic synchronization&# 8221; be enabled. These are found under the Settings &Accounts; # 8220 & synchronization&# 8221; &# 8211; selected here &# 8220; Google&# 8221; and then your account from. Then you could activate the corresponding services on or off.
  • Google indicates that you log out and log back in to Google Talk and can to correct any errors. Since there is no longer GTalk (has been replaced by Google Hangouts) we can not say whether this information is still correct. We have requested times

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