iTunes for Linux: The media center for the penguin

Apple's iPhone and iPod are two of the devices that are most often found in his pockets. listen to music and sync with your PC or Mac is possible with various programs &# 8211; but can only with the original program iTunes to also access the Apple Store. So if you like to buy songs on the Internet, you can not get around the iTunes download.

iTunes for Linux

When iPhone or iPod users iTunes is almost indispensable on the PC and on the Mac. sync music to the mobile device and find new favorite songs even through the iTunes Store &# 8211; all this is possible with iTunes. But as Linux users to quickly reach the limits of technology, for an original version of iTunes for Linux systems such as Ubuntu there is unfortunately not.

iTunes for Linux &# 8211; resort to alternatives

Who uses Ubuntu or other Linux, can load different alternatives to iTunes on the computer, which have also proved to sync songs and just as good as iTunes work. Only on the iTunes store can not access to these programs. To select the Banshee, Amarok and gtkpod programs are.

The first impression speaks for the program Banshee. Not only is the user interface very much modeled on to iTunes, the functionality of Banshee hardly leaves a claim unfulfilled. The software can be used as a conventional music player that allows playlists for music and videos can be created and can browse the media library easily very good.

iTunes for LinuxBanshee is unsurpassed as an iTunes alternative, for example, for Ubuntu Linux systems

Use Banshee can transmit either the entire media library or individual songs or playlists to your MP3 player or mobile phone. About the BPM detection to songs can also sort by speed, so that someone can quickly create a playlist of similar songs. With the connection to amazonmp3 Store Banshee provides at least almost a replacement for the iTunes Store. Here you can indeed download apps, but at least learn new music.

The Amarok program provides access to various web services like and Ampache, but mainly supported alternative artists through the Jamendo service and the integrated Magnatune store.

Gtkpod is the most rudimentary program of the three, offering in principle the functionalities of a music player. Synchronization with the iPod is also possible, but Gtkpod has no integrated song store and therefore the procurement of new MP3 tracks must be done outside of the playback program.

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iTunes for Linux &# 8211; The original use

Wine Iconalso the original from iTunes on a Linux system such as Ubuntu in a roundabout can be run. However, this is necessary to install a Windows emulator. The funktionstüchtigste and most famous emulator is Wine.

To install Wine, you must add first the Wine repository as a software source. This is accomplished in the terminal by inputting the sudo add-apt-repository ppa command: ubuntu-wine / ppa. The sudo command must be confirmed with admin password. After a sudo apt-get update current information is downloaded from the software repositories. After that, the Windows emulator Wine can be installed by a sudo apt-get install wine. Since the current version of iTunes does not work on the emulator, you should obtain an older version of iTunes to stability. Which version is supported by Wine, lets be traced on the official website of the emulator.

The older version of iTunes is available from oldApps. Download the setup file of compatible iTunes version and save the executable on your computer. Now, you go to the application menu of Wine to install iTunes. To do this, open the menu &# 8220; Uninstall Wine applications&# 8221; and click &Install; # 8220&# 8230;&# 8221 ;. Now you can select the downloaded executable. The installation routine of iTunes starts, follow the instructions in this case the setup process. Let the end of the process, the option &# 8220; Open iTunes after the installer exits&# 8221; and click Finish. After installation, it is possible that the message &# 8220; iTunes was not installed properly&# 8221; appears, it has, however, generally no meaning and can be confirmed with OK.


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