Rocket League: DLCs Overview – New cars and maps on the march

After the great success of the recently launched Rocket League DLC flood is not long in coming and so you can look forward soon to new Battle-Cars and maps on which you your football skills in the rocket-powered cars are allowed again to prove. All about the coming DLCs are available here.


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are already in the coming weeks the first two DLCs to Rocket League to be published. contained therein new cars and a Map Utopia design from the previous Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC). We provide you the contents of the upcoming DLCs in detail precisely before.

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Rocket League: DLC &# 8211; Supersonic Fury

With the paid DLC pack Supersonic Fury gets her for the PC and PlayStation 4 version two new vehicles donated. Like you All Battle-Cars can unlock the main game, learn it in the Guide Rocket League: Cars - so it turns all vehicles free.


The new car is a sports car and a Muscle car, which expand the diverse vehicle fleet addition. However, these vehicles have no statistical advantages over the other cars in the game. More you learn in the Special Rocket League: Battle-Cars - there are differences between the vehicles?


Rocket League: DLC - map packs

while new Cars and objects as paid add-ons will find their way into the game, wants Developers Psyonix periodically free Maps late filing to all players. I'll begin with one of the Utopia Map inspired from the previous SARPBC Map, must be kicked on the future.

In SARPBC the Utopia map was designed circular.In SARPBC the Utopia map was designed circular.

In addition, the developers promise the official forum with the Pearlescent paint new design possibilities in the first DLC. Once there is more information about other DLCs, learn it of course with us.

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