Law & amp; Order: Special Victims Unit Season 18: When it comes to Germany?

What would be the Friday night television program without Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? Since the fall of 1999 - that is now almost 18 years - the US television series is already being broadcast. In autumn 2016, the seventeenth season was aired in this country. Time to wonder how it will go with the series.

Actually Law was & Order: Special Victims Unit only an offshoot of the series Law & Order that has been produced as much as 20 years and has thus brought it to an incredible 20 seasons and 456 episodes. However, the mother series deals to homicides and other violent crimes. Whereas CSR focuses on sexual crimes.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 18: Is there another season?

Yes, it will be another eight tenth season. The episodes have also been filmed in part. Amazon video you can look at you the episodes. Here is the link to:

stream Season 18*

Two points must be noted here:

  • Amazon Video there are the episodes so far only in the original English &# 8211; So without translation. Your English should therefore be sure to let you have some of the consequences.
  • Even if you have an Amazon Prime account, you will cost streaming per episode 2.99 EUR. This is simply because the series is currently airing in the States.
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 18: Episode Overview

Here you get a Overview of the episodes with the corresponding US Ausstrahlungs date:

episodetitleReleased in the US
02Making a Rapist09/28/2016
04heightened Emotions12/10/2016
05Rape Interrupted26/10/2016
06Broken Rhymes09/11/2016
07Next Chapter04/01/2017
08Chasing Theo01/11/2017
09Decline and Fall01/18/2017
10Motherly Love08/02/2017
11Great Expectations02/15/2017
12No Surrender02/22/2017
14Net Worth03/29/2017
15Know It All05/04/2017

Overall, the 18th season will consist of 23 episodes. Yet but all the data are not known. Also has not yet announced when the season will be broadcast in Germany. Should not change something, you get to know here.


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