Windows: Move window without a mouse (keyboard shortcut)

If a window opens apparently outside of your screen area or can simply not maximize, you can under Windows (10, 8 & 7) also easily use a keyboard shortcut to move the windows and scale. With the keyboard shortcut but you can also increase productivity in typing, since one does not have to reach for the mouse to move a window.

Especially if you have connected your laptop to another monitor or projector, it can happen that the program window then still want to open there - even if the second screen is no longer connected. In that case you can move with the following key combinations your window back into view.

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Windows: Move window with shortcuts

Whether its 10, 8.1 or 7 uses Windows, the following key combinations to move the window work with all current versions of Windows. First, however, the relevant window must be active / selected - even if it is located outside the screen area.

Click it in the system tray onto this program / window, so that it is selected. Alternatively, you can do it using the window selection with the key combination Alt + Tab Select. Uses then the following keyboard shortcuts to move the window or adjust accordingly:

 Windows Move window keyboard
  • Windows Key + Left arrow key
  • Windows key + right arrow key
Windows window on the left and right attach / window by half a position in the appropriate direction to move
  • Windows key + Shift + Left arrow key
  • Windows key + Shift + Right Arrow key
Move Windows window on the left and right monitor
  • Windows key + arrow high
Maximize Windows window
  • Windows key + Arrow Down
Decrease maximized Windows window / minimize Windows window

Disappears with you often times a window out of view, or do you use the keyboard shortcuts to save time? Drop us a comment.

Source: Microsoft Windows

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