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Three pilots Amazon Prime has made available to users in August available so that they can vote from which the production is to emerge a whole TV series. A big favorite is the pilot of Jean-Claude Van Johnson, in the Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the main role. 

Here you see the trailer for the pilot of Jean-Claude Van Johnson:

484Jean-Claude Van Johnson Official Trailer 2016

With the Amazon original of the VoD provider has so far been celebrating good results. Although Mad Dogs was not renewed for a second season, this failure is not typical of the own productions of the video platform. Bosch, The Man In The High Castle or Gortimer Gibbon children have run very successful and also get more seasons. Wanted Matthias Schweighofer likely will also have a very successful new release of agency 2017th Last year, One Mississippi was the way enforce the dark comedy is now completely on Amazon Prime *Jean-Claude Van Johnson: Trailer & amp; All information on the series to see. Next year, it could then be for Jean-Claude extent &# 8211; at least if you vote neat.

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Jean-Claude Van Johnson: Even Ironic Action icon &# 8211; also sunk stars can shine!

It's just amazing how much humor van Damme plays the fictional version of himself. For that reason alone, the series should be great fun. In the new production van Damme (Timecop), however, is not only a former action star, but also a secret agent with a code name and mission.

Under the code name Johnson demonstrated his actor's identity to carry out its secret missions. but he has already spent in retirement when he meets his former partner and love again, which awakened in him a strong desire to pursue a comeback in active service for a long time.

jean claude van johnson amazon prime pilot

An amazing actor van Damme has never been and that has not changed in the Silver-Ager-life. But he still comes across well and the humor of the pilot is not extremely innovative but consistently convincing. JCVD fans will certainly get their money, but other times should take quiet a look at the pilot and may then vote positively.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson see on Amazon Prime in the free stream

  • Who has not seen the pilot, the experience not to be missed &# 8211; yes it takes just under an hour.
  • Prime-subscription you see the stream for free, but also all without a subscription can see the pilot episode, at least while they still had no Prime subscription.
  • For then you can download the free trial period for free and take advantage of the offer 30 days *Jean-Claude Van Johnson: Trailer & amp; All information on the series.
  • Notice must be given before the end of this time, otherwise since you pay the same for a year in club and 49 € once.
  • For this, however, you get a whole lot to see &# 8211; exciting series, movies & Music, and of course the shipping advantages.

Who now with tunes, can knock in 2017 when potential production start nicely on the steel shoulder and celebrate his achievements with hard hopefully entertaining episodes.