With iTunes rip CDs to MP3 with high quality

iTunes is not only a powerful media management, a music player, and the interface for the Apple store as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod, but also a program with which you can copy its purchased CDs to the hard drive. However, you should make a few fine adjustments to the iTunes download to really get the best out of his music.

One should not only consider the sound quality into account, but also the target format to use. Under certain circumstances, the music is supposed to be played not only on PC, but also on an MP3 player, on the iPhone and USB flash drive in the car. Then it is important that the format is as widely as possible. This is true to a certain extent even on the Apple proprietary format Apple Lossless (.M4A) to, but not necessarily on any MP3 player or car stereo. Here one should equal store with iTunes as MP3.

5084Winload iTunes CD Import Video

All that can be set during the current iTunes version 11 general or from case to case. However, the logic to suggest to decide once for a format.

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iTunes Audio Preferences

The standard import settings basically want to use the Apple's proprietary AAC file format and that too in the high quality a bit rate of 256 kbit / s. The audio format is excellent not only on the sound quality here, and the compression is quite useful.

But the bottom line all the audio player using the MP3 format (even by Apple), and such a high sampling rate need only audio fetishists with expensive playback equipment. And even there the honest representatives agree that 256-192 s not a big difference more will be heard and that this difference disappears completely on MP3 players kbit /.

Regarding the file size but does that make a lot. With the lower bit rate, smaller files are associated namely. Or in simple terms: At 192 kbit significantly more songs fit on an MP3 player!

So, there's no reason to copy pieces of music in a different format and at a lower sound quality of the CD. It works like this:

convert iTunes format and copy quality

Since this setting is to be a lasting reasonably, we change them in the preferences of iTunes. We achieve this in Windows anytime soon with the key combination Ctrl (Control key and the comma!). Provided that the view of the menu bar is enabled in iTunes, which is also on the menu &Edit; # 8220&# 8221; under &Settings; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

Then the window opens &# 8220; General Settings&# 8221 ;. In the very first window we see next to the options to insert a CD button &Import settings; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

iTunes CD Import Settings Screenshot

The first setting is the question of which output format we want to choose. By default, the Apple AAC format is set. The then files ending M4A, can not play any instrument. So that we are transitioning to the standard MP3.

And at that moment including the quality adjustment already jumping around on the bit rate of 192 kbit / s. That is, as already described above, perfectly adequate if you do not just have a audiophile sound equipment.

From now on all the CDs are stored in this format and this quality.

Can be used in maximum original quality iTunes as a backup archive for CDs. Large hard drives do not cost even the world. This approach uses but the default AAC encoder. But the quality to set manually to a bit rate of 320 kbit / s. Of course, this sounds no longer a man. But lost CDs you burn so again in its original sound quality!


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