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This portable version of the Adobe Flash Player allows us to own Flash files, or call stored Flash projects locally from the Internet.

Adobe Flash Player is known as a plug, which can be found in all browsers in the world. Without it, sites like Youtube are not working as well as many other features of the Internet remained hidden from us.

What is less known is the fact that there is the Adobe Flash Player as a portable version &# 8211; as a stand-alone issue. A single program file just fine and you can even pass on CDs or USB drives &# 8211; along with its Flash projects.

Adobe Flash Player portable

this so-called &# 8220; Adobe Flash Player Projector&# 8221; can load directly or from the Internet either Flash files in SWF format and incorporates them into its user interface. In this way, so you can not only easily pass on their own projects, but also offline use the Adobe Flash Player to use a collection of games without internet.

Danger: The downloadable archive contains so pretty much all start and installierebaren Flash versions for all operating systems. After unzipping you need an Adobe Flash Player Portable only the file from the folder flashplayer13_0r0_262_win_sa_debug.exe 13_0_r0_262_debug. Here is the SA For Strinkets Alone. Which means that this file is sufficient on its own and without any additions to load a SWF file and run it.


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