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In Firefox, you can activate or install Theme own the existing Dark. We show you how.

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Activate Dark Theme: Firefox

From Firefox version 53.0 there is the "Dark Theme" which can enable it in Firefox:

  1. Suppressed in Firefox the key combination Ctrl + Shift + A, to open the Add-ons Manager.
  2. Selects the left menu item appearance out.
  3. click next Compact Dark on the button Activate.
Here you activate the dark theme in FirefoxHere you activate the dark theme in Firefox

Now the Firefox title and tab bar turns black. Unfortunately, this is not a complete Dark Theme because the sites are still displayed with black text on a white background. But that can be retrofitted easily.

Tip: In Chrome you can activate a dark theme.

Firefox: Dark Theme install (white text on black background)

Who but especially in the evening or at night surfing, the dark themes with white text on a black background are more pleasant. There is a great add-on:

  1. Opens the Firefox add-on site and install the extension Dark and Light Background Text.
  2. Click on the button Add to Firefox and then on To install.
  3. Now websites such as Google search results appear dark.
Now Firefox is completely shrouded in darkness.Now Firefox is completely shrouded in darkness.

To disable it again, pushing her Ctrl + Shift + A and opens the menu item extensions. There you can turn it off or remove it. On the add-website of Firefox you will find even more dark themes that you can install it.