Civilization 3: available free of charge to Sa on Steam

Just in time for the first anniversary of Civilization 6 of the previous Civilization 3 for a short time is available for free. To Saturday you can get you a key in Humble Store and download the game through Steam.

For almost exactly a year you have now the opportunity to put your tactical skills in Civilization 6 to the test. If you wish to now explore even earlier parts of the popular strategy game series, just lends itself for the perfect opportunity: Civilization 3 Complete Humble is in store for a short time free available.

The trailer for Civilization 6

10549Civilization VI - launch trailer

8 bits Civilizations: fan game for the C64 in the works

Until tomorrow Saturday, October 21, at 19 o'clock German time, you have the opportunity to lay Civilization 3 in Humble store in the shopping cart and to tap a corresponding Steam Key. Regular cost the game here 4.99 euros. Civilization 3 was originally released in 2001 and can build up genre-true to an empire, do research, forming a military and more.


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