Fallout 4: The old Longfellow Guide – Increase Site and relationship

In Wasteland RPG Fallout 4 you recruit you some companions who have different preferences and different support you in the fight against the enemies in the Commonwealth. With the DLC Far Harbor you get a new companion to it. The old Longfellow is a tougher fisherman who helps you in different ways.

The old Longfellow is a fisherman in Far Harbor lives. You already met him early in the DLC. He is one of the easiest companion, as you can recruit him relatively quickly. We tell you in this Companion Guide Fallout 4 Far Harbor, how do you like the old Longfellow and especially how her increase relationship with him can. We tell you what the add-on companion likes and dislikes.

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Fallout 4 &# 8211; Far Harbor: The old Longfellow in the Companion Guide

The old Longfellow you can only recruit companion if you possess the Fallout 4-DLC Far Harbor. In addition, the character comes before called fallout shelter in the free game of the series. The name Longfellow is a reference to the Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Maine, United States.

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In free mobile game Fallout Shelter get her the old Longfellow together with 5 lunch boxes &# 8211; and completely free. Here he has the Level 38 and struggling with a unique weapon called Henrietta.

The old Longfellow once lived in the vault and has now settled as a fisherman in Far Harbor. Once you enter the mysterious island that finds its Longfellow in a Bar called load Plank. You have to because of the main quest anyway here, which is why you will find the fisherman quickly. Is it for you namely Way to Acadia demonstrate. Following the successful completion of the quest, you can hire him as a companion.

The old Longfellow sitting in a bar in Far Harbor and waits for you talk to him.The old Longfellow sitting in a bar in Far Harbor and waits for you talk to him.

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The old Longfellow: Equipment, strengths and preferences

The new companion wearing a Long's Mantle and owns the gun Lever Action Rifle, the bullets of the caliber can equip .45 and 70th moreover he hates the children of the atom. Actually, you should meet with Longfellow only good karma decisions. but decides to give her kind answers the children of the atom, you will Longfellow dislike. Also Decisions against Far Habor annoy him and reduce your relationship.

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Longfellow also like it when their charisma uses. This is particularly useful when one of her numerous side quests completed in Far Habor. Increases your charism and selects the answers for which you need the attribute to get even more rewards in completing the tasks. Besides, it increases the relationship with the old Longfellow.

Do you have your friendship maximized Longfellow, waiting for a special surprise for you.Do you have your friendship maximized Longfellow, waiting for a special surprise for you.

achieve maximum relationship with Longfellow

Do you have the maximum relationship reached the old Longfellow, you can check out via the following Skill looking forward:

  • Hunters know:┬áThe damage and power of resistance of animals and sea creatures who attack you is reduced by 25 percent.

To increase your relationship, you can see in the following Table, what Longfellow likes and dislikes:

actionImpact on the relationship
drink alcoholfallout-4-positive
pick locksfallout-4-positive
to take drugsfallout-4-negative
commit murderfallout-4-negative
people stealfallout-4-negative

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