Nintendo Switch: Upgrading Storage – Here’s how

When Nintendo switch the memory can be expanded. Have you loaded too many games from the eShop and can not be separated from the best games you? No problem, because you can construct the memory of the console. We describe to you what it is to be observed, so that you have more than 32 GB on the Nintendo switch available.

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Nintendo has already announced the switch with a micro SD card with up to that 2 TB can be extended. The problem here is that such cards are not yet on the market. At least this means that buying the Nintendo switch appears quite future-proof. However, it does not help when you have to struggle with memory shortage already. However, there are more things that you should consider it if you want to increase the memory your console.

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Nintendo Switch: expand memory

At the beginning of the sound 32 GB of storage Nintendo switch not so bad. Did you, however, games that alone 10 GB need, the game is quickly limited. Therefore, you can you a MicroSD card get to this to increase the storage space. One good thing is that you have to tweak the hardware of the console do not wait, but you can easily find an external solution.

Nintendo zoom switch memoryYou can expand with a microSD card the memory of the Nintendo switch.

Still remain a few things that you should consider it. We ask you this before in our list:

  • What type of MicroSD compatible with? The Nintendo switch can with MicroSD (Memory Limit 2 GB), MicroSDHC (32GB memory limit) or microSDXC (Memory Limit 2 TB) are combined.
  • The MicroSD card can you not only with downloadable games, but also record onto memory stalls and screenshots.
  • What UHS-II? The Nintendo switch supports it, but this enormous speed is not affordable, as more costs and the console speed on UHS-I down-converted.

Rather, it is hardly to be considered when expanding the memory of the Nintendo switch. You have created the correct external options, ye need little thought to the space making.

Nintendo Switch expand storageHere you can see where you need to insert the microSD card.

Possible card for your Nintendo Switch

Thus the search for the right MicroSD card does not take too long, we'll give you a few examples of compatible solutions. An example is the SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC *Nintendo Switch: Upgrading Storage - Here's how, which her for about 76 euro receive can. also for a little less memory you can SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Android 128GB *Nintendo Switch: Upgrading Storage - Here's how for about. 42 use euro. Will you, however, significantly more capacity, the Samsung would Memory Card microSDHC 256GB *Nintendo Switch: Upgrading Storage - Here's howFor 147 euros a good alternative.

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