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Your companion Digimon World &# 8211; Next Order will not ever walk with you through the Digi-world, because they have a certain life span. At the end of that time they die and be reborn in a Digi-egg. Can you manage, however, to recruit it MarineAngemon, you can extend the life of your Digimon. We show you on this page, as you can adjust the life and everything you need to know about its extension.

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The level of your Digimon is crucial for their lifespan, whereby not only a short time left before you have to start training from scratch. This is quite helpful as you could otherwise compete hard against the really strong opponents. With MarineAngemon can be increased to life, but you have to accept this a penalty. How this looks like we show you in due course.

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Digimon World &# 8211; Next Order: increasing life for more Digi-time

Since the time of your Digimon is limited, it is recommended that you carry out as many tasks with your first Digimon so you can take advantage of the next generation. These include, for example, the tamer skills or the expansion of meat farm. If you bring your companion to Digivolution, their lifespan increased. On Ultra-Digimon living as 14 days and a Mega Digimon survived 18 days.

increase Digimon World Next Order lifeHere you can see the life of the Digimon in days.

If you want to not only train a long time, you can also Digitations items use to rapidly increase the service life. One of them gets her through the Meteormon puzzles. One of the biggest advantages is well, if you determined Tamer skills expands so that you can increase the lifetime. For only 3 ZP can get her the skills and the lifetime to extend 20 days.

  • Life Boost
  • Longevity Digivolution
  • Big Life Boost

Big Life Boost is also possible if you the game played out have. So you come to whole 99 days Lifetime. However, it may happen now and again that you your Digimon intentionally die will you leave. If you have not noticed it as something during training and your Digimon digivolves wrong is, you can do it so quickly in a &# 8220; turn egg&# 8221 ;. In this case, you have your companions to exhaustion train. This allows them to get sick and Diseases reduce the life. But in this case you have to definitely be careful that it does not come to a Digivolution, otherwise the life of rising again.

increase Digimon World lifeAfter a while, your Digimon dies and is reborn.

So recruited her MarineAngemon and adjusts the life

MarineAngemon can you the first time in the territory Server Desert server Cemetery to meet. However, it will disappear after the first call and you have to set you back on the search. This path leads you to Cape MOD, if ye a way to MOD flagship must pave. Do you have MarinaAngemon found, it will ask you for some items which you have to find. Actually, it only searches an item. However, you have to find three more before and bring gradually to MarineAngemon. Here are the four items:

  • Pretty Stone: On the MOD flagship you've got to look around near the door to the captain's cabin.
  • Old Telescope: You can find the telescope in the captain's cabin behind Vikemon.
  • Heart Ring: Go to Ship 3.0 and you find the item on the top right next to BlackGatomon.
  • Bent Spoon: Going to close the door to the captain's cabin &# 8220; Ship 3.0 (unit)&# 8221 ;.
Digimon World life increaseFind items for MarineAngemon and you can raise your lifetime.

Have you given the bent spoon at MarineAngemon, it will have to find their way to Floatien and there a hospital open. In this you can transfer life. Here are a Digimon six hours lifetime taken and added to another. So you lose some and win at the same time. The prerequisite for this is that your Digimon yet at least two days be able to live. This method can therefore not only help you to increase the service life, but also going to let your Digimon die faster.

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