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"Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po!" - the television gets back his cheerfulness. Recently, it was announced that the Teletubbies are celebrating their return to free TV. In April we go. However, the colorful beings can have another side, the video shows the Teletubbies in black and white.

Two years ago, said horror video circulated on the net. Shortly before the return of the children's series in KiKA now is the best opportunity to remember the black and white video of the Teletubbies again.

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Teletubbies: black and white rather than colored

Actually, it is known as gaudy colorful puppets that bounce no apparent sense by a well-designed landscape. Her delicate little voice and fluffy body complete the warm atmosphere. Christopher G. Brown, however, can reveal a very different side of the Teletubbies. In his YouTube video, he presents the bright dolls as gloomy horrors. the scene of the dark sounds of the legendary, gloomy punk band "Joy Division" is accompanied:

Black and white Teletubbies: Scary place Frohsinn

Christopher G. Brown celebrated a viral success with his video, the clip was snapped in various media. A few days after the release of YouTube users already celebrated over a million views on his work. About two years after the publication have now ventured a look at the horror Tubbies after all, more than 3 million users. The black and white Teletubbies have also been taken up in other places. Apart Joy Division's "Atmosphere" horror Knuddels played accompanied in clips with songs from "Aphex Twin" or "LeRetour á la Raison" ( "Return to Reason") the disturbing lead role.

Who wants to see the Teletubbies in her really happy existence, should be Monday, 10 April in your calendar. Then there are daily from 18:40 a consequence of the Teletubbies in KiKA to see.