Push messages and contacts in Lovoo block – Tips & amp; tricks

Are you getting on Lovoo Icebreaker and collects numerous daily Likes, push notifications on your smartphone nervous before. We show you how blocked her on Lovoo contacts and clarify what blocked users of your profile can still see.

Especially when you are in the public road, at school or at work, Lovoo messages on your screen can quickly be uncomfortable. Leaves a contact is not easy to write to you inappropriate messages, you can report the profile or block the contact.

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block Lovoo message - Guide (Android)

Do you want to turn off push notifications from Lovoo, which does not go beyond the dating app. For this you need the Android Settings and open the application manager and disable notifications here.

Do you want to flirt Lovoo with more contacts, we have tips for the perfect profile picture for you.

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block Lovoo contacts

  1. Opens the Lovoo app.
  2. the balloons in the bottom of the screen to open clicks your chats.
  3. Go into your conversation with the person who want to block her on Lovoo.
  4. Tapping the profile picture of the chat partner, that you may come to his profile.
  5. Top right you can tap the crossed circle to open the options.Lovoo_blockieren_2
  6. In the category block User sets her a check mark and the user is now blocked.

Learn in our article Lovoo Ghost Mode: Free available or only with credit ?, whether you truly "invisible" makes the feature and if you get the mode for free.

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What happens if I block someone on Lovoo?

Have you blocked a profile, the user can you Write no more news. However, they can still visit your profile and see your pictures too.

What experience you have collected with Lovoo? Write us in the comments.

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