End Times – The best post-apocalyptic movies

(Jens) The apocalyptic genre can be divided into two sub-genres in principle: there are the stories in which humanity still exists basically in their entirety, but living in a dystopian society. And on the other hand we have the scenario where a majority of people already dead due to different causes. With the latter, we will now deal with in this article. What are the best post-apocalyptic films?

End Times - The best post-apocalyptic movies

28 Weeks Later

An important part of the end-genres are of course zombie movies. One of the, in my opinion, the best is clearly 28 Weeks Later directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. This is a continuation of the modern classic 28 Days Later (Danny BoyleSlumdog millionaire), Which is also very good. Why do I have, however, decided to take up the second part of this list? Well, I have to be honest, I find this even better.

Here, as the title suggests, 28 weeks since the outbreak of the virus, the people into zombies transformed, passed in Britain. The country is, according to NATO again be safe, at least in certain zones. These are to be populated now, which is why many people are flown there. Main characters are the two sibling Kinder Tammy and Andy, are now returning to London and again find their father. But the peaceful life in the so-called &# 8220; District 1&# 8243; should not be long lasting and soon the virus breaks of again.

The special thing 28 Weeks Later, but this has of course its predecessor to offer is that the zombies are not typical sluggish and slow. On the contrary: In their agility they have lost nothing. In addition, there are no undead. which has the consequence that they can be destroyed not only by the destruction of the brain, but also any other life-threatening injury for a person kills them. In addition, the zombies can also starve and therefore die a natural death. Thereby creating both 28-Movies an even more intense tension than most other zombie slasher, as it is here for the protagonists, of course, much more difficult to escape their hunters. Who is a fan of the genre, this series not to be missed. By the way: A third part, entitled 28 Months Later directed by Danny Boyle is planned for 2011th


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