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In World of Warships Cruisers are the workhorses in the navies of Wargamings naval battle spectacle. This is because the solid middle-class ships shall comply with any task that accumulates in combat. We show you how you can meet these thankless at first glance role well.

68082World of Warships: The Storm (E3 2014) - GIGACruisers are the ship has become mediocre and are used by all nations in World of Warships. They are well armed, but not as hard as battleships. They are pretty fast and agile, but destroyers are better. And the armor is OK, but each Battleship blows you from the ocean. But who derives from the fact that cruisers are not worth anything, is wrong! The all-ships namely have some remarkable properties.

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Kreuzer at a glance

Main tasks
  • provide escort
  • shoot aviator
  • provide fire support
  • reinforce critical points
  • intercepting destroyers
  • Fabulous views of armor, speed, maneuverability and firepower
  • Most good Flak
  • Partly torpedo armament
  • Rapidly rotating towers and good reload
  • Only mediocrity in any discipline
  • Often small caliber strengths
chief enemy
  • battleships
favorite victims
  • destroyer

World of Warships: Cruiser Guide - Beware of the big boys!

Cruisers are well armed and have armor, but if a big battleship shows up on the horizon, you should turn off quickly because of the large ship you can hardly take it. Seek out so prefer lighter victims as other cruisers or best: Destroyer!

world-of-warships-cruiser ClevelandThe USS Cleveland is a typical anti-aircraft cruiser and the battleship best friend!

These small warships are indeed fast and agile, but since you usually have many guns with rapidly rotating towers and quickly nachladet, can you destroyer with some skill in destinations quickly shoot to pieces. but takes care not to be hit by torpedoes and therefore often changes course.

Kreuzer - the loyal comrades

Even if you stare enviously at the thick pipes your battleship colleagues and you found small and inferior a Cruiser: Without you, the fat pot will look very stupid from the laundry when taking bombers heading for him. For many cruisers have excellent anti-aircraft on board, with the sweep entire squadron from the sky.

world-of-warships-cruiser-TakaoHeavy cruisers have impressive weapon but are still quite weak armored, thus avoiding artillery duels!

And if a battleship near you, the enemy will usually this attack with the bombers. But if you provide your cruiser the Flyers in the way they are already extremely depleted in the run and then ideally done by the air defenses of the battleship completely. If you your secondary battery can also be used as anti-aircraft guns, it is advisable to use your special ability and let the flak run amok in this moment.

World of Warships: Cruiser Guide - use pack tactics

In addition, should you, if possible, do not drive around alone but you are looking for other cruiser and make a nice pack. So you can fire your mediocre artillery focus and shoot the enemy with the sheer amount of grenades to Klump.

world-of-warships-cruiser-Des-MoinesRide cruisers best in the pack.

It is even better but if you have a battleship while that draws the fire of the enemy on yourself. Then you can undisturbed encircle the enemy and inflict more damage by their targeted undisturbed vulnerabilities and off components. And if you have torpedoes on board, you should use this necessarily, because many enemies expect from cruisers no torpedo attack so according stupid from the laundry when suddenly a fan expect.

World of Warships: Cruiser Guide - Upgrades

Good upgrades for cruisers are mainly anti-aircraft improvements. Well just light cruisers are more agile when you aufmotzt the helm. In well-armed heavy cruisers also improvements in the primary artillery is probably a good idea.

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