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That developers Blizzard treats very open and tolerant with homosexuality, is known. With a new official comic to Overwatch those responsible now confirm that the heroine Tracer is a lesbian.

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Human sexuality is so diverse in about how people themselves. There are homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, trans or intersex and a lot more in between. Unfortunately, this fact is not yet widely accepted and discrimination and intolerance are on the agenda. The better it is here that there is a big player in the gaming industry with Blizzard, which is actively engaged in the LGBTI community. So the makers of Overwatch confirmed already at the last BlizzCon that several characters of the shooter of the LGBTI community members. In the new Overwatch comic "Reflections", the first character has now been demonstrated and it is none other than the face of Overwatch: heroine tracer. <3

That tracer is homosexual, it has a particularly beautiful scope since it is quasi the main hero in Overwatch - she graces the cover of the game and also one of the main characters from the advertising campaigns for the shooter.

In the comic, the heroines and heroes from Overwatch devote to Christmas. By the way &# 8211; So perfectly normal &# 8211; is in this case disclosed that tracer lives in a lesbian relationship. The comic shows she and her partner Emily kissing each other romantically after the mess. Together they emerge later on also during Christmas dinner of Winston.

In Russia, the comic was not published because this revelation there, as has been recently an action in FIFA 17, as "propaganda for homosexuality" is considered. Who speaks positively on the Internet or the media about homosexuality must face heavy penalties.

Source: BlizzardSource: Blizzard

Tracer is only the first LGBTI character in Overwatch. Hopefully in the coming months even more revealing. Published is the game for the first time in May 2016 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Source: Blizzard