Block credit card: VISA, MasterCard and Co. via app and Hotline

The credit card is one of the convenient payment means. Online you have to, for example, enter the number and the validity period, already the order can be executed. In addition, with the credit card easily be lifted off money abroad. Annoying it when the valuable card has been stolen or lost is. In such cases, you should be blocked the credit card immediately. In our guide you can find the appropriate phone number and the app to disable the credit card go.

Even if an online provider where you have stored the credit card data has been hacked, you should block the card first to avoid unauthorized payments. With us you learn where and how to cause the blocking of credit card, regardless of whether you have a card from VISA or MasterCard and other providers.

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Lock Credit Card: goes like this&# 8217; s hotline and App

  • For emergencies, a separate lock alarms on lost and stolen credit cards has been established.
  • You can reach the blocking hotline at Number 116 116.
  • Also from abroad, the number can be selected. For this the country code for Germany, are therefore (+49) put the number of the blocking hotline.
  • the credit card can also be disabled via the number +49 30 4050 4050 from abroad.
  • Within Germany, the call is free. Fees can vary from abroad.

Not all providers be part of the general lock-emergency call. Usually here with credit cards can be locked, issued by the Savings Bank, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank. Use the following numbers you can be blocked at another specified party's credit card:

  • Mastercard: 069/7933 to 1910
  • VISA: 0800/8118400
  • American Express: 069/97 97 2000
  • Targobank: 0211/900 20 444
  • Postbank: 069/66571333

Alternatively, the credit card lock can also be conveniently conducted by App on Android smartphone or iPhone.

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Credit card lock in case of loss or theft

To prevent a malicious blocking, some data are needed by the service. are important, above all, credit card and bank account number and the expiration date of the credit card. Also the date of birth or other personal information of the card holder can be queried.


A lockout should not be dispensed with in order to avoid a financial loss on misuse of the credit card holder. Usually you get a replacement card within a few days after the lockout. A withdrawal of the lockout is not so easy, after all, the card may have been a short time in the wrong hands, could go shopping with the number and the security code on the card at your expense. Have you not acted recklessly or carelessly in the loss or, as the credit card even consciously out of hand, you have for damages only up to 150 Euro stick. A provider forego even complete a liability. In addition, the theft to the police recommended.

With us you will also find all information about the black credit card.

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