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Spotify is finally available in Germany. Access is via this client and also allows Mac users to access millions of songs.

For several days, the music streaming service Spotify is officially available in Germany. To use the service, it requires the same app, which provides access to the music catalog.

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Once installed, the application will first be greeted by a login window. Unfortunately, a Facebook account is required for the use of Spotify now. Once logged in, the interface reminiscent of iTunes: left navigation, right of the associated content.

Playing the music starts with a search for an artist or track or album. From there, the songs can, if present, can be previewed immediately. In addition to the simple search for songs, Spotify but also integrates Facebook friends. In addition, there are the so-called &# 8220; Artist Radio&# 8221; the possibility of new songs to discover other artists that have similarities to the desired track.

Spotify now also offers a number of apps that can be combined with the streaming service. So there is among other things a integration, which takes over the sending of the belonged at Spotify songs. Who wants to drive his Facebook friends to distraction, but can also send the Social Network's Music Plays course.

For the next 6 months Spotify can be used free of charge. As the exact model will look after that is not yet known. In addition to the Mac, there is also version of Spotify for Windows. Anyone who wants to stream ad-free or on the go on the iPhone music, must shell out 5-10 euros per month.

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